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At age 13, KODY needed a soft landing and surely deserved one! He was living with 7 other dogs in Texas when his guardian was evicted, an action the police had been working on for three months. We know nothing more except that he is a wonderful Border Collie - just a gem. And, very good with other dogs. We are so happy to help him.

Kody’s diagnostic labwork is thankfully good and he is heartworm negative. We are currently making good progress with a very severe ear infection. His horrible teeth are being handled with two surgeries and antibiotics. He’s lost 4 teeth so far as well as part of his jaw due to the rot in his mouth and has a few more teeth to go when he is being neutered. The vet said his mouth was one of the worst infections she has seen. Kody also has cataracts so his sight is limited as is his hearing but he is already blossoming with good care.

Amazing the suffering endured yet his spirit is soaring and his personality as sweet as can be!

This gentle fella has some joint issues in a body that has not had good care for some time. His back-end is quite weak leaving him with ‘peg leg’ type motion and front legs with severe muscle atrophy that make for challenging moments getting up and down. Using his own version of balancing, once upright on the move…he goes! We have started Myos to build his muscles and pain meds to alleviate suffering. He originally landed at the shelter caked in feces because he could not stand up.

Kody is keeping track of all the other rescues and intrigued to be around other herding friends. A quiet, good-natured dog, he easily fits into the Sanctuary life at Glen Highland.

Thanks to GH adopters, Carlos & Sandy Iglesias, we were able to move Kody out of the shelter and let him decompress at their home before the 24 hour ride to Virginia.

A special thank you also goes to Stevie, a very dedicated shelter worker at the Hill Country SPCA who alerted us to his need. Without her, he could have been lost.

Steven & Andrea Morgan-Vandome, Dax & Jessie

For all the wonderful years I spent at the Getaway, making my life full of fun, meeting new dogs and being able to wake up with a new day of adventure and kept me young at heart! - Linda Whitman's Sky

Ron & Valerie Hall

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie!

Chris & McGlynn-Szilvasky & Dennis McGlynn

Gregg, Jodi and GH Senior Alums Mia (12) and Charlie (11) in memory of one of the most incredible senior BCs, Dexter! Dexter is the beginning of a long journey and a dedication to opening our hearts and homes to these incredible seniors. We will miss you panda bear!

Hugs to Kody! Keep up the good work, thank you for all that you do. - Lisa Petrick

Special angel help for extraordinary medical care:
Pete & Renate Goodloe, In memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie