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Sweet lovely LINDY joined us in mid-November 2021 with a curiosity to explore her new world. We’ve watched her adjust beautifully to the other rescues and life with our Caretaker, truly a happy girl. Her favorite activity is hanging on the porch watching all the action!

At 13, Lindy is well settled and we feel that though happy, she is delicate. The stress of another big move would be too much so we welcome her to the Sanctuary for her remaining years!

Lindy has some health challenges we are carefully monitoring which include nodules on her spleen and recurring urinary issues, solved for now but it’s taken two rounds of meds and repeated cultures. She has a long history of infections. Just to be sure, we’ve done chest radiographs and another ultrasound so we’re optimistic we can maintain her health. She has some arthritic issues so has started on pain meds and Myos joint supplement, like most of the Seniors.

A big hug to LINDY who made three moves to different homes over her 13 years and now deserves a rest in a place designed for her as a Sanctuary Resident. We all love her and hope she has good years ahead.


At age 13, lovely LINDY landed in our care when her guardian’s illness prevented her from staying in the home. It’s a big move for her since she lived in this home since she was a year old, rescued back then, too. Thankfully, Lindy has known plenty of love all these years but like many unexpected situations, needed safe haven.

"I am sure you have heard hundreds of times how you are and your organization are lifesavers to our beloved border collie pets and their families. We dreamed of an organization like yours, and your willingness to take Lindy is an answer to our prayers. Like many of your families, we never thought we would need a sanctuary for Lindy."

Lindy is quite a social bug, mingling with six other seniors, pretty intrigued by this new setting where lots of action happens. She and pal Sadie even find their howling duos capture lots of attention! On a quieter note, she loves to explore outside and trot around checking out the great outdoors.

Lindy has been well cared for so we inherited a thorough vet history enabling us to jump in to monitor some changing lab values. She is now on a liver supplement to hopefully improve the findings and we will also be monitoring her spleen with ultrasound since a small spleen nodule was discovered. We are optimistic that Lindy will do well here.

Emotionally, Lindy is on her way blossoming with this new journey! And, we are just completely charmed by this wonderful girl!

Lindy came to Glen Highland from Virginia.


Karen & Clem Arrison, Deedee & the whole Arrison Gang

Wishing Lindy love from I 'n I crew

Diane Bolten - In memory of my husband James Bolten

Hugs from Vicki & GH alum Cookie

John & Bonnie Yurga: For our Lassie Girl, forever young


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