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SANCTUARY RESIDENT MAC found himself in rescue three times over his lifetime, starting early at 8 months old. On Mac's third return we saw that Mac felt Glen Highland was the real home for him and we agreed. This sweet, good-natured fella had moved around enough, not fitting in one place or another so he joined the Founder’s home. His separation anxiety had grown to be significant with all the moves, even flying out of an upstairs window in one adoptive home so once we knew he was staying with us, he began to settle.

It’s taken years for Mac to feel secure even though life has been very consistent for him and now at the age of 13, we’re seeing his anxiety heighten since his hearingand his vision is changing. Mac needs lots of reassurance and so deserves all we can provide. We’re with him almost 24/7, still playing lots of ball, hanging with his BC buddies and most importantly, with the people he counts on.

Karen & Clem Arrison, Deedee & the whole Arrison Gang

Sandy and Allan Radebaugh, in memory of Kiska, Kodiak and Kita

Denise Freeland, Paul Smyth
& GH alum Cody

Steven & Andrea Morgan-Vandome, love Dax & Jessie

Mac needs 1 more angel!


Rossi Gwen Rye Ollie Zena
Mac Dublin