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Mr. MICK is a very special Border Collie and to be honest, a lucky one, too. He will now have safe refuge for the rest of his life as a RESIDENT. He came to us a year ago, at age 10, so skinny with medical issues that had not been addressed in the shelter and clearly not in the previous home either (his guardian died). As we uncovered diagnostic results, everything pointed to Mick’s liver so a supplement was so helpful and it seemed he might be able to be adopted within a few months.

Then, months later he was VERY sick and his gall bladder issues were discovered which required a very expensive emergency operation - many of you helped us with these extraordinary costs. Then Mick began to eat so much better and gained weight and seemed to be on the road to adoption. He was a much happier boy.

Then, kidney issues emerged even though he was looking and acting so much better. Seemingly reasonable to address, another issue had been building.

Mick tired of being handled for vet work or frankly, pretty much anything except affection time. He grumbles and growls and will defend himself if pushed so while his vet needs must continue to be addressed, we can see he is not a safe candidate for a normal home. In our setting, we can design everything around him and also know his triggers, watching them grow bigger over time. He now can bite when stimulated improperly or when he is too fatigued and sometimes, unpredictably for no reason except he is agitated.

While we regret Mick can’t be the shining star in someone’s life, we are certainly in love with him and give him 100% of our care, time and attention. He was adored by the specialist who oversaw his care but even she could not chance having him in her home. Thankfully, Mick has his Border Collie pals and gets car rides and hikes on the property acreage so seems very content! He came to Glen Highland when is guardian died and he landed in a VA shelter.

We would be remiss if we didn’t share the level of effort required over this year in order to get Mick to eat, even for awhile after his gall bladder was removed. He has been THE pickiest eater in rescue to date with no appetite since he arrived.

He swore off any type of dog food…dry, dehydrated, fresh, canned…he would eat mostly chicken and rice. To aid in his recovery post surgery, he had a loadful of meds & supplements, sometimes 9/day even though he was only eating no more than a few bites a day of food. Here is some of what we tried: ground turkey, ground pork, ground beef, chicken (broiled, grilled, boiled, ground, you name it), salisbury steak & meatloaf, italian meatballs, canned liverwurst, pasta, wet cat food, bananas, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, any cheese, peanut butter. And strangely enough.. the food with the most success in giving meds was… hot dog buns!

Eventually he started gaining an appetite. The food would be mounded into a plate and he would eat around the outside of it, til a skinny tower was left in the middle. Then he would peck at the bottom til it fell over then finish eating it all. This would take place over the course of 14 hours. No matter the shape - pyramids, short broad mounds, domes - he would eat the same way. Now, feeling better, Mick eats like a normal dog.. but he still wants his special ‘dinner plate’!!! Never a dog bowl!


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