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NIKKO joined the Sanctuary as a Resident and is doing beautifully! At 13 years old, he is quite a spry fella who loves ball play equally as well as meeting people! Super friendly, he has never met a stranger (as the saying goes) nor a ball toss he wouldn’t want to snag! Nikko is truly so good-natured and easy-going, he is quite amazing.

Nikko is doing well with the other seniors who are ball nuts just like him. Sometimes, he wants to push in and take the ball from another dog but being a perfect gentleman, he waits for it to be dropped. But once he gets the ball, he’s not keen on dropping it himself! An antic so common to smart herding dogs who know what they like! So, the other seniors have to wait for him to drop it! He is really enjoying lots of attention with belly rubs and cuddling but as usual, when the action starts, Nikko is on his feet ready to go! He is no sedate senior!

Like Border Collies this age, his eyesight and hearing are compromised but that doesn’t stop him much at all. His health is pretty good with bloodwork showing some gall bladder sludge so that is being treated but otherwise, he’s in good shape. He has spondylosis which causes some issues getting up from laying down but he seems fairly pain-free so for now, we’ll monitor his needs as he ages.

Nikko came from a Maryland shelter where he was relinquished, along with a cat, due to an eviction situation. He spent three months in a special foster program waiting to see if his people could sort out options to take him back but they could not so he was free to come to Glen Highland. We are very happy to help this sweet guy in the later years of his life.

Special thanks to Judy & Shawn Colvin who helped transport Nikko to us.


Gregg, Jodi, Rave and GH Alum Dexter – In loving memory of Gregg's mom, Anne

Remembering Ziggy, Zena, and Tucson with so much love.
- Bob & Beverly Murdock

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Nikko needs 2 more angels!