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His immediate health needs were obvious with a mass the size of a cantaloupe. Unfortunately, it is a malignant mast cell tumor - a challenging cancer. Known for ‘exploding’ when ‘bothered’, even the aspirate used to confirm the cancer type was risky. The mass began a year ago, only the size of a quarter.

Thankfully, his chest x-rays are clear so the cancer has not yet moved to his lungs. Obviously Oreo is going to have a very shortened lifespan, likely only months. This type of cancer is generally not painful, but he can have a very aggressive downturn at any time.

For now, the Glen Highland team has made Oreo super comfortable with his very own UNI-BRA! A single bra (EE) cup contraption was created to hold the huge dangling and irritating mass out of the way. Oreo is really enjoying the freedom of normal movement!

A STAFF t-shirt adds a little extra support over his shoulders. Of course he loves being on duty!

As long as Oreo needs us, we will be here for him.

Special thanks to our evaluators, GH adopters Ellen Simcik & Erica Snyder, who confirmed Oreo was ok for rescue. And to our transporters who kindly made Oreo's journey possible from western Pennsylvania to Virginia: GH adopter Joanne Cook & her friend Marlene Saye and GH adopters Renate & Pete Goodloe .

Lots of love to Oreo who captured our hearts the minute we met him - Pete & Renate Goodloe

In memory of my first Border Collie. Miss Lacy Lou, who at 8 weeks old I chose at a local humane society in 1995. Like her, Oreo is another winner! A winner of hearts of the humans he touches! - Joanne Cook

Sending love, hugs and strength your way as you journey forward - Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy and GH alum Lincoln

Barbara Erskine and my wonderful senior girl, GH alum Janie

Ron & Valerie Hall