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SANCTUARY RESIDENT RIPLEY is a live-wire, just the funniest, most focused Senior we’ve seen in awhile... the game of ball play is HER happiness for sure and frankly, any toy will do as well! We chuckle seeing this girl come to life once her arthritic pain was handled in rescue as well as medical challenges like incontinence... her energy blossomed.

Ripley is the life of the party, Border Collie style, meaning it’s her way or the highway so she is the boss of the rescue pack and needs a little guidance from time to time. Innocently, she looks up to say. "What, me??" Such a smart, alert and classic brilliant BC. She’s slowed down a bit now since the early arrival days but we are sure if Ripley can muster the energy for one more toss…she will!

She is about 40 pounds and fits in with the pack pretty well, enjoying the stimulation of others that herd everything too but more importantly, she loves her Princess status! Her renal disease is advancing but we’re doing everything to give her more time to enjoy life!

Health Challenges: Ripley is on Gabapentin for pain management, Proin to manage incontinence, Enalapril for her heart condition and prescription food for her kidney disease.


Gretchen Rierson & GH alum Ellie:
“Old gals for the win!"

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH alums Doc & Rosie

Lance Miller & Cathie Mick: In memory of GH alum Lupa, and in honor of her guardians Nancy & Greg Vorbach

Seth Rierson: For my sister Gretchen on her Birthday!

Peggy Pelton: To honor the memory of my beloved husband, Monty and my equally beloved border collie, Bella. I will miss you always!