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SANCTUARY RESIDENT RYE was given up due to his intensity when he was only 9 months old. Over the years living with the Founder, Rye proved to be extremely challenging with many OCD traits including car chasing. His early start and/or breeding led to some distrust of strangers, too, making him a tough combination for any normal adopter. Thankfully, Glen Highland had space for Rye and he benefited from a heavily managed and protective life. We are committed to him to his last day.

In a wonderful way, Rye’s maturation, now 10 years old, has been a blessing…he is much more affectionate, actually seeking time for a cuddle and very, very compliant when asked to do anything at all. Aging can be good! He is still madly ball crazy and will go for any toss any time however his front leg injury, from before rescue, prohibits too much running. If Rye is not restricted, he will endlessly wear himself out in ball play and then be unable to even walk. We finally had to reach for anxiety medication to handle his odd reactions to everything and we are glad we did. Rye loves the action of the big pack but mostly loves his ball! He is a much happier, more settled Border Collie now, enjoying life as a Sanctuary Resident.

HEALTH CHALLENGES: Rye has been diagnosed with advanced Renal Disease so needs a special diet low in protein. Regular vet visits are required to monitor the progression with hopes of slowing down the inevitable failure of the kidneys.

Gregg, Jodi & Rave in memory of Skid he mesmerized all with every catch of his Frisbee. Very few get to have a once in a life time dog, he was our third, a Border Collie larger than life who filled everyone he touched with love and happiness

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