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Sanctuary RESIDENT SADIE is a wonderful classic BC with a fabulous temperament, just a gem to be around and a total joy to live with... she is delightful.

Sadie found her way to rescue after being abandoned in a Ohio shelter due to wandering off... a family member identified her and felt they could not keep her any longer. The confusion Sadie endured with such a big change has now passed and she is settled into Sanctuary life with complete contentment.

She is never one to wander off intentionally but her lack of hearing could mean she was disoriented, and with her PRA, she is fully blind in one eye and has diminished sight in the other so she does need special supervision, helping her navigate things a bit. Her painful luxating patella requires pain management which has now improved her comfort level. All in all, she is in the right hands now to give her the support and medical care for a happier life.

Sadie is a ball nut, truly loving any ball toss, she will give it a go and her happy face is apparent when she brings it back. We keep the tosses short and easy these days! She also loves to talk and give commentary on any action! Friendly and good natured, she is such a diplomat for the Border Collie breed and the special personality that is what makes them so fantastic. We are so happy to have her with us at Glen Highland.

Special thanks to Denise McInerney who helped transport Sadie to rescue.


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