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Update June 2023: So sorry to share unexpected sad news but it’s part of life and a Senior rescue… SKY is NOT leaving for her new home as planned and will stay in the Sanctuary as a Resident.

In the short time waiting for the adoption hand-off, Sky began having urinary issues. While the symptoms seemed straightforward, antibiotics did not work leaving us to ultrasound diagnostics this week. The findings of cancer instantly became clear. At age 11, Sky has a good-sized tumor in her bladder and another small one on one of the ureters, preventing proper urination that will lead to a malfunctioning kidney. While the symptoms came on quickly, our vet feels the tumor has been growing for a few months and now impacting her bladder. She is not a candidate for surgery.

As you can imagine, all of us at Glen Highland are crestfallen…for Sky and her now shortened life…and for the hope of a new life just about to start in a loving home totally focused on her happiness…it is heart-breaking.

However, as we always say at Glen Highland…no matter what time is left, we will give her the very best we can to be happy and pain-free.

Sky has only been with us a little over six months and might not go beyond a short time more. Everything depends on the ability to lessen the inflammation and pain. The prognosis of six months more has been deemed ‘generous’.

We are so very glad to have stepped up to help this sweet girl when no one else would due to her immune mediated disease, IMPA. Now though, we face the tough diagnosis of cancer. Thankfully, right now, Sky feels good. We will provide her the safe refuge of love and a graceful exit when the time is right as Sky will remain a Resident of Glen Highland’s Sanctuary.

Thank you to those of you who supported Sky’s needs and to those of you who supported her with your heartfelt caring from afar.


A gorgeous 11 year old Border Collie mix, SKY is a charmer, just the friendliest gal to everyone she meets. As the saying goes, she never met a stranger…she is adorable. Her petite size adds to her personality as she wiggles her rump, jumping up and down in excitement to head out the door…then off she goes to explore outside. Eventually, she takes a rest in the yard to review the property and the day’s events…birds, other dogs, people, wind and sun…she takes it all in!

Sky is very good-natured with people but a classic bossy female with dogs and she will definitely let another dog know when they are too close in her space. She can walk on leash outside where there are dogs but is best she is the only dog in the home without visiting dogs. Sky has lived as the only dog so that suits her best. Cats, on the other hand, she is absolutely fine with sharing a home.

She lived in her previous Pennsylvania home from when she was 10 months old til now but a new toddler and newborn in the home caused difficulties for her so she had to find a new life. Smart and sweet herself, children just create too much chaos especially since her whole life has been with adults only.

Sky has Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis (IMPA) - Similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans, IMPA is a disease in which the immune system mounts an inflammatory response within the joints, causing pain, swelling and difficulty walking.

Sky has no symptoms of IMPA at all and moves as well as any other dog. She does NOT need any medication in order to have a happy, active life. IMPA is a process that is believed to be triggered by chemicals and vaccines so Sky is only on natural flea & tick preventative and no vaccines of any kind. She can have heartworm preventative.


Sending lots of love to Sky and all the BCs at GHF! - Janice Cannizzaro

Sending our best!
- Beverly & Bob Murdock