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If you have a group of 12 or more individuals interested in one or more of theses seminars,
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recent seminars:   Y2K9 Club, Wyndmoor PA;    Spring Farm Cares, Utica, NY   
Bauman's Dog Dome, Wantage NJ;   The Houndstooth Bakery & Boutique, Bainbridge, NY
Dog Central  Sussex N.J.

Lillie Goodrich is teaching at Agility Çlubs and Canine Groups in the northeast -
For pricing and scheduling - contact Lillie at

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Reading Dogs-Uncovering their world
Part 1

Dogs speak quickly to each other in a language that you can understand if you are willing to learn how to read them. Leave your dog books at home and put yourself in a canine class to actually experience first-hand what they are saying to each other as they meet so you can be a better leader for your dog in a positive way.  This unique class provides usable tools to understand and handle DOG TO DOG relationships. Using 'live' dogs meeting for the first time, you will see the themes of dog to dog communication as it unfolds. And, find out techniques to make it easier for your dog to 'win' in canine social interactions.

Plus, this special day-long event also gives you DOG TO HUMAN understanding as you'll see first-hand how dogs react to meeting people. 

Shown from their perspective, not the human's, this fascinating information will serve you and your dog forever. You'll discover your role in your dog's experience of other dogs and humans.

Who is this for?....... Everyone with a dog!
- If you feel stumped when things 'go wrong' or wonder what it all means with tail wagging; ears back or lip curling...this workshop is for you
- If your dog has dominance issues meeting new dogs and chaos erupts...
this workshop is for you

- If you worry about dog play turning into fights...this workshop is for you
- If you feel 'out of control', 'not understanding' why your dog reacts one way with some dogs and another way with others...this workshop is for you
- If your dog is great and playful with other dogs but ends up 'picked on'...
this workshop is for you

- If your dog is afraid of strangers...this workshop is for you
- If your dog is skittish around people...this workshop is for you
- If your dog is in public encountering new situations... this workshop is for you
- If you have more than one dog... this workshop is for you
- If you manage your dog with a leash... this workshop is for you

LISTENING TO YOUR DOG - Private Animal Communication Sessions

Imagine if you had a way to really understand your dog better? A way to find out information when you are confused by certain behaviors or a way to hear what your dog really wants or needs or enjoys in living with you? This is very possible with the skills of an animal communicator.  Using highly developed intuitive skills, an animal communicator converses with the animal you love and passes the information onto you.  This is invaluable in building a stronger, deeper relationship. 

If your dog is a member of your family, why wouldn't you want to better understand what they think?

While dogs may not speak words or seem to think complex thoughts like you do, they are not that different at all. They have real feelings and experience every aspect of your life, it’s just from their perspective, not yours. So, they require that you stretch a bit in order to hear them. They are connected to you all the time and happy to talk if you want to listen. In fact, you’re probably hearing them a lot right now but might not trust that’s the case or know when it’s happening. Animal communication is the bridge between you and your dog!

If you’d like to explore questions you have, consider a private session with Lillie Goodrich, co-founder of Glen Highland Farm, a 175 acre rescue sanctuary. She is now available to help you. She spends her life listening to the dogs at the Farm, those in the rescue program and those that visit with adopters. Her entire focus, 24/7, is tuning into dogs. Since childhood she's connected to animals and as an adult, she’s fostered close to 500 dogs, many in need of special help due to past neglect or trauma where she acts as the bridge to reconnect with loving humans.

Her talents have allowed her to successfully find new lives for all the dogs. She also continually talks with fifteen of her own family dogs as well as four cats. She works with clients across the country in animal communication sessions, on the phone or in person. She studied in Advanced Inter species Communication with renown telepathic communicator, Penelope Smith and has been an Intuitive Coach for the last 3 years, helping individuals trust and develop their own intuitive guidance. Her book, The Little Book of Everyday Soul, has been well received and helpful to many people.

The Energetics of Your Leadership Role

Dogs are energetic beings, they work with energy, they read it and respond to it and share it..that’s just how they experience the world which is why words are less effective than training techniques such as clicker training or hand signals...visuals and audible signals combined with energy make sense to them...that’s how they read each other so easily and quickly which is also why it’s sometimes frustrating for them with people because we relate so differently...   we misunderstand what works. 

It’s time to discover the energetics of YOUR Leadership Role!

In this workshop, we’ll explore energetic situations and problem solving
- reactions to strangers
- dogs mixing with dogs
- sport performance fears
- children mixing with dogs
- your emotions & impact on your dog(s)
- dog’s warning signals responding to energy
- the energetics of handling
- common human mistakes
- why dogs shut down
- the energy of praise & treats
- the environment & a dog’s reaction

A main focus of this workshop will be handling exercises with your dog and other dogs in attendance. You will discover how to build a relationship with any dog ENERGETICALLY so that a basis of trust is formed quickly. Bring delicious treats and a long leash as well as a crate so you can work with other dogs. This workshop is about your ability to truly interact with a dog from a new understanding of how they live in the world rather than making them adapt to how you live in the world.
We will be working in the entire physical space throughout the day.

If you are open to finding out what the canine species is all about, then please attend. Bring your questions and dilemmas and your dogs who will show you what they need. Dogs are teachers who have signed up to be in our lives in many ways, adapting to the human approach to living but they have more to offer than just obedience. They can provide a whole new way of living, with greater awareness way beyond words.

Seminar Testimonials
Dog Sports Club
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

To Whom it May Concern:

I am the founder and Training Director of a large, successful dog sports club in the Philadelphia area. Recently we were privileged to host Lillie Goodrich for a weekend with our members and friends. She spent a day opening up the world of communication among dogs, and between dogs and people. She made us aware of body language, and how to understand the way dogs use their postures and movements to communicate. She explained the way energy flows between and among animals and people, and how to use it to work positively and successfully with the dogs we own, train and help. The response to this seminar was overwhelming; virtually every attendee was amazed and delighted. For many it was their first exposure to this sort of information. Among those who attended we had trainers of all levels of experience, agility competitors, shelter workers and rescuers and even a dog park developer.

We are planning to have Lillie back again soon. Although our date was the week before Christmas, and was barely advertised we still had a nice turnout. But we have heard from many people who couldn’t make it and want to hear her. Many who attended want to come again.

I would strongly recommend Lillie’s presentation to any dog group that was interested in expanding their understanding of dogs and their interactions. Her insights are valuable; her presentation is lively and engaging. Attendees come away informed and inspired.

Deb Norman
Training Director

FROM SPRING FARM CARES, staff training

Whether you are an organization dealing with dogs who have been surrendered by their owners or a dog club dealing with attentive owners looking for help, all of us have had to deal with the mistakes that people have made with their dogs. And all of us have made mistakes with the dogs in our care when we didn’t know what else to do with them and were given no tools to use to help them. These dogs oftentimes develop behaviors or ways of interacting with us and with other dogs that we label as problem behaviors. We have often said in our organization that we only have problem dogs and felt helpless as to what to do with them. When we tried to find help from traditional dog trainers for our staff to better handle, care for, or prep these dogs for adoption, we only got told that we had very difficult dogs to deal with, but we didn’t get any answers on how to help them. Luckily, for our dogs, and for our staff, we found help and an alternative to traditional methods that just didn’t work for our dogs.

Lillie Goodrich, from Glen Highland Farm, changed the lives for not only the dogs in our immediate care, but also for the dogs who will come through our organization in the future and for the dogs that all of our staff members currently have and will work with in the future. Her seminar on Reading Dogs, brought a new excitement and skill to our animal care staff. Lillie’s incredible understanding of life from a dog’s perspective and her clear, balanced, and efficient way of sharing that with people, is one of those breakthrough moments that we all look for in a staff training. Lillie not only offers a tremendous amount of dog experience, but her intuitive connection with them offers a deeper and more meaningful insight than any other approach we have experienced. The effects were immediate and the dog/human interactions with our staff improved dramatically immediately after the seminar.

Lillie not only conveys how a dog sees the world, but what we can do to make it easier for them to succeed in life. During her seminar, she clearly demonstrates how and why dogs respond to us the way that they do and what we can do to understand them and help them navigate their way through the many barriers and obstacles that we sometimes inadvertently put in front of them. She also very adeptly deals with how dogs interact with each other.

I highly recommend Lillie Goodrich for any organization or club. She is professional, inspirational, candid, extremely knowledgeable, and brings humor and insight with her teaching. Her presentation brought more camaraderie and team work to our staff then I had ever seen from any other presentation we have ever offered. Not only did they immediately use the skills that they learned from the seminar, but they kept using those skills and expanding on them in the weeks to come. The quality of life for the dogs in our care definitely improved when their interactions with the people caring for them improved. It was a win/win situation for everyone. With Lillie’s skill, her profound understanding of dogs, and her heartfelt commitment to the betterment of their lives, this seminar is bound to create a much brighter future for all the dogs that come through our organizations. This seminar will change the way you perceive a dog’s reaction to their environment and interactions with humans and other dogs. More importantly, it will give you tools to use to enhance your interactions so that literally every interaction you and your staff have with a dog, can be a new chance at life for that dog. This is an opportunity you will not want to miss.

Dawn E. Hayman
Spring Farm CARES, Inc.

Reading Dogs, Uncovering Their World and Listening to your Dog
With Lillie Goodrich 

"DogSense" -Putney Community Center - Putney, Vermont

After spending two enlightening days with Lillie Goodrich I am completely convinced that even Dr. Doolitle could learn many things from her.  Lillie is cofounder of Glen Highland Farm Sweet Border Collie Rescue.  Along with her husband, John Anderson, she devotes her life to helping dogs that are in need of permanent homes.  They may have up to 30 dogs at one time waiting to be homed, and they see about 150 dogs pass though the farm on their way to forever homes in a year.  Along with all the dogs they home, there are 15 dogs that call the farm their forever home.  So it is no wonder that Lillie, who has loved and been connected to animals her whole life, is a fountain of information on her observations of dogs.  As she said, if you have two or more dogs you don’t need a television set.

The first day of this seminar covered reading dogs.  Dogs are constantly communicating with each other, and understanding that language is not difficult.  We heard Lillie speak about the signals between dogs, such as eye to eye contact, body stance, sniffing, speed of interactions, yawning and so on.  She also spoke on many of the signals we give our dogs, such as tightening the leash when another dog approaches.  She discussed how that translates to the dog as a signal of fear or apprehension, and why they may be aggressive because of that signal from us. She demonstrated how our dogs feel when a stranger approaches and reaches out to pet our dog aggressively, without the dog’s permission, by going around the room, coming into our personal space and touching us without our permission. For the most part, people did not like invasion of their personal space. She made us stop and think about what we expect of our dogs, things we don’t even ask of ourselves.  As Lillie said, dogs are just like people, they have likes, and dislikes and they need to be respected. We then had time to observe the interactions between dogs, and realized some of our fears were truly not justified.  Dogs have a way of working things out among themselves, and we are very often the cause of problems.  It is a delicate balance of being aware of what your dog is doing and of the signals you are sending to them. Most of the dogs they have at the farm are free to interact with each other and there is rarely a problem; but she did say at times it is difficult to “stay out of it” and let them be dogs.

Along with many other things she discussed the setting of boundaries, the use of the word no, and how important that can be in setting those boundaries.  Lillie is not a person that demands perfect downs or heels, but she did say come and sit were nice to have.

During lunch on both days the dogs were free to play with each other off leash in a fenced in area with “adult supervision”.  It was wonderful to see a few of the dogs that had never been allowed this luxury play with the other dogs.  I know their people went away from this with a fresh perspective.

On to day two…  This was a day of learning to let go, relax and visit a place within ourselves.  A place we all have, but sometimes don’t go to for various reasons.  It was necessary to put our reservations aside, and yes, I had some, and maybe still do.  But it is hard not to acknowledge the feelings that surface when you visit the place in your heart.  I think, or at least hope we all do this at times, not really realizing what it is we are doing.  Such is the case with me.  We were lead on a journey, to a place that allowed us to communicate with our dogs and even with Lillie’s dogs.  The results were, I must admit, amazing.  After going to the place in our hearts, we asked questions of Lillie’s dogs, most were answered to a high degree of accuracy.  Occasionally the questions were not answered, for reasons unknown.  We then turned to our own dogs for answers.  As with everything, the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. To me, this is like that invisible thread you have with your dog when you are running an agility course, it requires that you close out all other thoughts, put your mind, body and soul into it, and if you wander, you may break the thread you have with your dog. You may then need to start over, but that is the good news, you can start over. 

At the end of the second day Leo, Mariah and I had a private session with Lillie.  I received a lot of answers to a lot of questions, some were affirmations of my observations of my two “kids”, and some were a bit of a surprise.  But, the truth is, I am finding the answers to be accurate.  

To end on a personal observation of my two kids during the session, I have to tell you this.  I have always believed dogs are a very good judge of human character. My two dogs are no exception.  During our session they were off leash with Lillie in the room.  They put on a show for us like I only see at home.  They played with each other almost constantly, one would be on their back with the other on top, and then they would switch positions.  Leo would attack Mariah, then Mariah would cuff him. If they had not been totally comfortable with Lillie these behaviors would not have happened, this I am sure of.  Mariah even did a flat-footed jump up on to the table we were sitting at.  She does not do this at home, at least not when I am watching.  As Lillie says, who needs TV when you have dogs to watch!

Lillie’s presentation is a wonderful, informative and enlightening way to spend some non-agility time with your dog. I would recommend it to anyone who can open their heart and their mind.

Donna Allen

Our club hosted a “Reading Dogs” seminar with Lillie Goodrich on September 24. Lillie demonstrated to us how much our energy can affect the dog – both positively and negatively. With Lillie’s guidance, we learned to read how dogs react to different people and different dogs – how they show their reactions in their body stance, their eyes and body movements. We watched several dogs react to someone they knew, to strangers, to different distractions and also to other dogs.  This was my second seminar with Lillie. I have not looked a dog the same way since the first seminar I attended. I have learned to watch their movements and their reactions and to think about what they are telling me. Her seminars have made me a better partner to my dog and a better instructor. If you can do one thing for yourself and your dogs, attend a seminar with Lillie Goodrich. Hear what your dog wants to tell you – hear what other dogs are telling you and your dog. Be a partner with your dog – not an owner.  

Marilyn Pinard
Obedience DTC of Waterbury

Lillie - I cannot tell enough people how amazed I was after attending the seminar in Oxford CT on September 24th.  All this time I had been letting my dog enter into 'relationships' with dogs he didn't want to meet, simply because I didn't know he had already made up his mind.  I had also misread my dogs and not allowed him to meet dogs that he very well could have gotten along with quite well.  All because of how I felt personally about the dog. 

That will certainly change - in fact, the day after the seminar I let both Ben and Baron meet a 3 year old male rottie who is larger than both of my dogs.  This boy had attended the same obedience class as Baron and I, and he wasn't the most friendly boy in class.  Boy was I wrong about him!  Both of my dogs got along very well, in fact, he and Ben played very well together - bouncing and play bowing, and running like long lost friends.

I will definitely be taking what I learned and applying it to the evaluations I do of shelter dogs for the rescue program.  Knowing what my dogs are telling me about their feelings of a rescue candidate will help me a great deal.  I always trusted my dogs reactions to other dogs over my own, and knowing that dogs make decisions about each other from a distance much greater than face to face will keep everyone much safer. 

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us!  I have already referred a friend of mine to contact you - I think you can help her dog overcome his past.

Thank you again!!

Hi Lillie,
 We attended the seminar at Y2k9s this past Saturday (we had Armani, the Pit Bull).  I just wanted to say thank you for all that valuable information.  Once I had time to digest things that were said, alot of stuff the dogs do or don't do made sense.  It also brought on a ton more questions, lol. 

I honestly believed I was in tune with my dogs before, but you take it to a whole new level.  I definitely look forward to learning more...

Thanks again,

Dear Lillie,
Thank you so much for coming down to Y2K9s this past weekend, I know that I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday and I think everyone who attended actually may have LEARNED something! I think that every dog owner/potential dog owner should be REQUIRED to attend a seminar like this, and I wish I could make it a club membership requirement as well, LOL! 

We definitely want to invite you back again. If you are interested, let me know and I will look into available dates. 

Thanks again!


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