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Arrived into Rescue in 2016 at age 10

RESIDENT BETSIE is now 14, one of our old-timers, but don’t tell her that! She is a herding maniac, always ready to grace us with the perfect outrun, circling around the other dogs, determined to move them with her intense focus! Of course, they are so used to this little 30 pound spitfire on their heels meaning no harm, they pay little mind… a perfect combination for all!

Betsie arrived in very rough shape at first with undiagnosed lyme disease, horrible allergies, and in dire need of dental extractions - she clearly had no vet care. Even in her condition, she had so much energy for a pack of dogs - she is having a blast in rescue, with no care in the world.

However, Betsie is extremely fearful with people. Her fear and detachment seems less from abuse and more from her history of living with a breeder/hoarder. Bestie dashes away from anything new or unexpected... a door opening suddenly, a new person talking, any slight change in routine and Betsie would flee to be as invisible as possible. Human touch was obviously not part of her life so asking this little one to accept another life change was unfair, so staying at Glen Highland was best. She's made incredible strides here, getting into a routine, loving being in a pack, and allowing... even enjoying a gentle chin scratch by a select few!

Health Challenges: Betsie has blossomed way beyond what we expected. Her heart murmur requires careful monitoring and lyme titers have stayed high no matter the number of treatments so we track her bloodwork regularly. Her kidneys are now compromised so she eats a special diet. We watch her very very carefully cause this ‘stoic’ little BC could easily mask real problems since her will is so strong to herd!


Jim Clubb

Renate & Pete Goodloe, in memory of GHF alum, DOC, the most spectacular Senior!

Laurie Parker