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Arrived into Rescue in 2013 at age 3

RESIDENT FLIP first arrived at Glen Highland as a young 1 year old and though he went to two new homes, both times his fearful defensive nature landed him back in rescue.

Clearly, Flip needed a very consistent setting that he could count on - where being touched didn’t trigger some history to bite. Now at age 11, Flip is feeling more secure about people and surroundings that he is even willing to befriend new people. Flip still requires 24/7 management, but his nature has truly changed, now mostly an ominous bark and grumble but more of a desire to withdraw from new people rather than defend.

Flip loves his toys though his high energy drive has changed to enjoy more couch cuddling time! Our ‘troubled boy’ has evolved into a settled ‘old man’ who fits the big pack fine but seeks out a lot more attention. We’re delighted to see Flip feel that life can be safe. All these years later, he still growls if touched the wrong way or fears a foot coming nearby so his history is not fully healed but he trusts that we hear him loud and clear. We do.

Health Challenges: Flip is in very good health so we expect he’ll be in the Sanctuary for years to come.


Renate and Pete Goodloe &
GHF alums Doc & Rosie

Brad Atkinson

Scottie Burkhalter & GHF alums, in memory JayJay & Russy