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Sanctuary Resident LATCH is an active 10 year old Border Collie who loves his toys and non-stop play, a classic herding dog. Sweet and smart, we had hoped that Latch could be adopted into a new life devoted to his needs. It didnít work out that way. Biting behaviors emerged, making him unsafe for a normal household.

He is a severe food guarder who wonít allow petting of his body or movement of his bowl while he is eating. He is also an obsessive shadow chaser and wonít allow interruption while occupied. He can be called off some OCD behaviors but cannot be touched if truly fixated. Latch is very clear that he is willing to growl, lift his lip and then move to biting the very person he lives with... most likely, this explains why he was a stray.

While we were disappointed to discover these significant problems, we were glad to find them before harm was done to anyone. His initial temperament test had some red flags but we hoped after settling in, the concerns would dissipate. Our Senior Caretaker manages him carefully with long play sessions outside and restricted locations at mealtime. He is strong-willed so will remain a solo dog in the Sanctuary rather than mixing him with the other rescues. Latch is super obedient in all other ways and truly happy with the structured playtime. He truly is an amazing Border Collie and likely, through no fault of his own, learned these defensive postures.

Glen Highlandís Founder is very experienced managing guarding dogs so we expect to keep both Latch and the humans safe while he lives the remainder of his life in the Sanctuary. His health has been thoroughly investigated and he is medically fine.

The Founder is also very skilled with OCD Border Collies, having lived with many and rehabbed young ones that could be helped with drug & behavior therapies. Sadly, this is a genetic problem once triggered, that can only be managed, never fixed. Often shadow chasing starts when someone uses a laser light to play with a dog thinking itís entertaining to see them fixate. The dog then searches for the shadows everywhere even when there is no light. It is then imprinted on the brain like a groove in an LP record.

We will work hard to give Latch a great quality of life as long as possible. We appreciate support for his care.


Jim & Pam Sacks, In loving memory of Jessie and Callen

For Latch, on behalf of Rosie, Renate, and Pete

Latch needs 1 more angel!