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Here we go again…yet another extremely sad situation of a neglected Senior Border Collie…just unbelievable to see this. Estimated at age 11, Major has a new name in honor of our beloved GH Major whose great heart and great strength will hopefully bring some energy to this new guy. The things that are wrong (what we know so far) are all fixable however he is so incredibly weak, it appeared he would die the night he arrived. The shelter felt the same way so we moved him to a local vet prior to transport and now, it’s easy to see why they were so worried. SO ARE WE.

Major needs all the loving energy sent his way that all Border Collie lovers can send…truthfully. He is half his size at 37 pounds, just a skeletal guy. His skin is showing signs of malnutrition as well as tons of flea dirt and hair loss. His nasal discharge is green gunk and he sneezes frequently attempting to breath. However, if all that wasn’t enough, he has mobility issues…perhaps neurological or from severe weakness, where he knuckles his back legs and catches himself from falling as he moves. We’ve been bodily easing him to lie down and rest because he continually circles and paces non-stop, totally lost.

Major is in the founder’s care, quarantined for a week from the other population so he can really rest as well as to prevent contagion. He came from North Carolina on 7/15 and day two, 7/16, he wagged his tail a number of times and is now more focused on the human arriving into the room! When he sees us, he walks straight over and won’t leave our side. He bravely tolerated his ’spa day’, laying down for his bath and hair cut so he now looks better. His vet care is underway with antibiotics.

We are so grateful for any sign that he is hanging onto life. Watching him fight for a breathe and barely hold up his own weight as he moves is devastating to see…Honestly, we are witnessing some of the worst treatment of Senior Border Collies we have ever seen. He was left to survive on his own, for some reason we will never know at the most vulnerable age in his life.

We will remain optimistic that this very sweet, gentle soul pulls through…he has a chance now for transformation.

Special thanks to Wendy Bergman Smithey & Imbi Kiss who transported Major to Lillie at NCSU while there on appointment. And, also to Christi Isley from Guilford County Animal Services who worked so hard to help him make it to rescue.


Andrea Rising

Deb Meyers, Twist & GH alum, Logi

John & Stacey Simon & GH alums, Milo & Tiger

John & Bonnie Yurga & GH alum Blu: In loving memory of Bob...we miss ya Baba

Eileen Byrne, in memory of GH alum, Daisy so he can be a BC again

Pete & Renate Goodloe & big-hearted GH alum ROSIE

From Derby, Little Ray, Lucy, Micki, Sue & Ilene

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney