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Sweet MILES is now 11 years old and is having a great first year in rescue with improved health and lots of fun, but he had a rough life for sure. He arrived a complete mess with the worst ear infection that was oozing and smelled horrible. Not even a Q-tip could fit down the ear channel due to swelling and damage. Untreated for who knows how long, the pain was awful for him. He cried woefully with any touch around his head to even look inside those ears, so had to be sedated at first in order to proceed with vet needs.

It took almost 9 months to gain any healing in his ears but the harm had been done so he has chronic ear problems that require monitoring and treatments. Miles had also suffered from itching that was so awful, he was ripping hair right off his skin in massive clumps and chewing himself raw til his skin bled. Weve uncovered severe food allergies and that issue, like his ears, have improved dramatically.

But, that is not the real health issue facing Miles... its his liver. In our geriatric screening of bloodwork and urine, we conducted an ultrasound and found a very small, dark liver meaning that organ suffered trauma. The vet surmised it was ingestion of something that led to the current diseased state.

We knew instantly that Miles would be best served as a Sanctuary Resident due to his medical condition involving his liver. He will not have a long life though its hard to say how long. Hes on supplements and a special diet to slow the progression but have noticed he is more fatigued now than several months ago.

Fortunately, Miles is a happy, go-lucky character who has flourished with other dogs around, as well as the consistency in his care. He eats a Prescription duck-based limited ingredient diet. And, he is as pain-free as we can possibly make him. Miles is enjoying the best food, good canine pals, lots of toy play and plenty of cuddling, truly transformed by coming to Glen Highland. His original situation is unclear but he was confiscated due to a domestic violence situation when police intervened. The Virginia Animal Control team were happy to see this nice guy have a better life.

Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, in memory of John Andersen

Randy & Birgitt Hicks

Judith Hooper, in memory of Betsie

John & Bonnie Yurga & GH alum Blu: In loving memory of Bob...we miss ya Baba

Robert Bolster

Miles needs 1 more angel!