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Arrived into Rescue in 2020 at age 12

REO, now a SANCTUARY RESIDENT, has made great physical progress since arriving at Glen Highland! Her spurts of 'running' that bring a smile to our face and hers...even real interest in toy play albeit modified in length and distance (but don't tell her that!) However, asking her to endure another big change and asking an adopter to tackle her physical needs just isn't the right direction to we HAPPILY SAY WELCOME TO YOUR FOREVER HOME REO!!

She resides with five other Seniors, most as compromised in mobility as she is so the perfect speed for her. The irony is her personality, while cheery to humans, is quite the boss to the other Borders and they give her wide birth when she heads over to steal a toy or nudge them off what she we all know...girls will be girls when it comes to this breed, no matter the age!

Read on to understand her full story. Our favorite picture is her bed position..why is it that no matter the best fitting bed available, dogs always pick the weirdest one that doesn't fit!!

Reo arrived with significant orthopedic pain... xrays confirmed severe arthritis in her back and back legs though no dysplasia. She often positions her back left leg under her belly, creating a tri-pod support enabling her to then use her front legs to move forward. It’s pretty amazing to see. The assumption is some trauma in her history and considering she did wander the tiny street on her own sometimes, it’s possible she was grazed by a car. Reo is on daily pain medication and doing very well. It’s still hard to watch her get herself up from laying down but once she’s up, she knows how to move to minimize discomfort.

No matter what her movements look like, Reo is just undeterred - she is truly an inspiration and also exactly what this breed is all about - they have such a will to never give up. She will be getting a dental since she has teeth that will need to come out. Reo had lost her home due to the guardian’s illness. A neighbor stepped to find her help.


Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman, in honor of Lucy, another older girl who needed a second chance

Renate & Pete Goodloe, in memory of GHF alum, DOC, the most spectacular Senior!

Katie Seraikas, in honor of Brook