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HELD IN LOVE: July 2021

Fate has turned in a different direction for REO, shortening her life... she has a cancerous bladder tumor, discovered on the ultrasound monitoring we regularly do with the Seniors.

While we have caught it before it got too large, itís in the worst spot right at the opening of the bladder so eventually will grow to cause extreme pain when urinating... it is not operable. We had a BRAF bladder test done and she has Transitional Cell Carcinoma which is aggressive and fast acting to not only create urination problems but also move into the lungs. We are pursuing meds to gain some time by shrinking the mass until a quality of life decision must be made.


Sanctuary Resident REO has been with us a year, turning 13 in our care! And, she has truly made the most of her time, ďracingĒ around even with a strange íside-winderí gait as she barks at the other rescues and birds and anything else that needs some supervision... she is a hoot! An alert, cheery girl, she has been a delight, amusing addition to the gang.

REO arrived with significant orthopedic pain... xrays confirmed severe arthritis in her back and back legs though no dysplasia. She often stands with her back left leg under her belly, creating a tri-pod support enabling her to then use her front legs to move forward. The assumption is some trauma in her history and considering she did wander the tiny street on her own sometimes, itís possible she was grazed by a car. REO is on daily pain medication and doing very well. Itís still hard to watch her get herself up from laying down but once sheís up, she knows how to move to minimize discomfort.

Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman, in honor of Lucy, another older girl who needed a second chance

Brad Atkinson

Denise Hocking

Jim Clubb

Barbara Erskine, in honor of GH alum & major ball girl Abby's15th birthday