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Arrived into Rescue in 2020 at age 13

SANCTUARY RESIDENT RIPLEY arrived in rescue in June 2020 from a shelter where she had been surrendered due to owners ’no longer able to care for her.’ We are very happy to have this gal and have applauded all her physical, mental and emotional progress so far… a much happier Border Collie now back on her game with toys and action and everything! She is the life of the party, full of spunk!!

Though Ripley is happy, her age comes with a few obstacles to adoption... we almost found a nice home but her need for mats on the floor due to her back-end issues and her incontinence (managed with medicine) and renal disease that is underway, deterred interest. These are the facts of being 13... what’s around the corner is known to all who consider adopting an older BC. So, it’s only fitting that we continue the joy she is experiencing now, for however long the journey goes, being here for her and ALL her needs. That is our commitment to Ripley... the best of everything she so deserves!

Health Challenges: Ripley is on Gabapentin for pain management, Proin for incontinence, Enalapril for her heart condition and prescription food for her kidney issues.


Chuck & Gloria Schmitz, in memory of Angus

Gregg & Jodi & 9yr old Rave: in recognition of their beloved Skid, age 15, still full of spunk, spirit and that BC love of life and playtime!

Susan & Brian Mumford

Caitlin Musto, In honor of 11 yr old Stella