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Arrived into Rescue in 2008 at age 4

Resident ROZE was a youngster at age 4 when she lost her home due to nipping. Upon meeting her, we knew that her reactions had nothing to do with aggression, instead it was insecurity. Roze had worries when people closed into her space so needed just the right life to adapt TO HER. Outstretched hands and surprise touching elicited a fast rejection from Roze and in the wrong situation, a nip could easily be worse. With two failed homes already, we wanted to give Roze a secure life.

In 2020, Roze is now 13 and we truly can say, she has had a great life…tons of playing, swimming, hiking and BC friends galore. She also keeps busy herding the others, stimulated with so much to do... we are grateful to have given this to her. Roze still has worries about people but seeks affection when she is ready, adorably nudging a hand for more petting.

Health Challenges: Roze had a bout of vestibular disease in 2018, unable to walk, eat, drink, or move. She recovered, left with a slight held tilt, reduced vision and focal seizures, but nothing is stopping her from being busy and happy... her spirit is so strong, classic in her desire to be alive! Roze also has kidney disease so is on a special diet, medication, supplements.

In memory of John, and the spirits, past & present, touched by his love

The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen

Chihiro Allen, in memory of 'my sweet best-friend Border Collie, Santa''

From Debbie & John Hamble,
along with "The Wrecking Crew"
(Doc, Dallas & Tucker)