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A family member in Sadie’s previous home identified her and confirmed at 15 they couldn’t trust her to stick around anymore so felt she was best at the shelter. Perhaps what was misunderstood is that Sadie cannot hear well at all, just some high frequencies. Sadie also has PRA, progressive retinal atrophy, making her fully blind in the left eye and diminished sight in the right eye on sunny days since her pupils do not dilate.

We’re so pleased to give Sadie the Sanctuary life with other dogs who will provide some direction as Sadie’s sight will continue to fail. She came to us suffering from a bad urinary tract infection that is going to require an ultrasound to check for complications, hoping not to have any bad news. She is rid of her smelly, matted hair and more at ease on her new journey. Unfortunately, she has little use of her back left leg due to a luxating patella with excessive scar tissue so pain medication is the only answer to help. We have no idea what’s ahead but truly grateful to have her with us.

Now knowing Sadie as well as we do, she is not one to leave home..she loves her person, truly so affectionate and good-natured. Sadie also loves her tennis balls…the game of choice! Even after a long transport day of changing into three cars, meeting new people and a late arrival, first thing Miss Sadie did was pick up a ball and nudge it over to us…happy for some close-in tosses to remind her of her younger days!


Pete & Renate Goodloe, in honor of
GH alum Rosie

Jim Clubb

Vicki Buono & GH alum Cookie

Love from the Fazios, including Cooper & GH alum Ace, GOD BLESS YOU AND THE WORK YOU DO IN THE VALUE OF LOVE

Denise & Michael McInerney, In memory of our GH alums, Sheba, Jeter and Ritter

Leslie Wehr, Whitley, Merlin & GH alum Roxy

From Derby, Little Ray, Lucy, Micki, Sue & Ilene

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney