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Arrived into Rescue in 2020 at age 13

A 14 year old Sanctuary RESIDENT, SOX is a magnificent guy with a sensitive, heartfelt presence, embracing the change to rescue on his arrival in May of 2020. The only person he ever knew is gone and the world is now very different.

Sox is extremely sweet, very good natured and had been clearly bonded to his person whose husband died in his 70s and Sox became her only family. She was devoted to him and he, to her. As we were told, she fell outside a few years ago and he stayed with her, licking her face, barking and barking until finally a neighbor noticed. She was unable to ever go outside again and neither did he, adjusting to a new inside world by her side 24/7. He slept by her bed every night until she had a massive stroke. We were contacted on a Saturday with the threat of euthanasia looming ahead on a Monday. Fortunately kind dog lovers got involved and he was safely in our care the very next day. Stunned and nervous, Sox appeared very vulnerable and needed vet care.

We can feel that Sox is open to all that he is experiencing, but this is a HUGE change. This was plenty to ask of him so he is in the Sanctuary as a Resident. Our Caretaker is carefully letting him lead, watching his energy and emotional reactions to everything.

Several months in, Sox is doing really wonderful! He loves to be outside in nature, laying down in the shade, sniffing the air and the grass. While Sox is not as mobile as his other senior BC friends due to severe arthritis, he still supervises the action of the dogs around him, a job that he takes quite seriously!

Health Challenges: Sox has old injuries with his back legs as well as severe arthritis so he is on Gabapentin for pain relief. He is also on Trazadone for anxiety.


Susie Mautz shares her heartfelt love & joy supporting Sox’s new journey

Scottie Burkhalter & GHF alums, in memory JayJay & Russy

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