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Little 12 year old Suzie from Long Island is a trooper for sure…in rescue only four months, it’s been a battle trying to get her skin issues solved and certainly while better, we have quite a ways to go.

A recent trip to North Carolina State Vet School revealed that Suzie has a massive bacteria infection all over her body as well as a fungal one they are not used to seeing. These are new findings on top of all the skin issues already solved over the past year (she arrived in a shelter July 2020) So, we are now switching medications and will travel back and forth to the dermatology team at NCSU with hopes of success.

The NCSU team just loved her and are so worried that her immune system is so broken, overcoming the disease process is going to take its toll. Whatever unfolds, we are on board to persevere... bleach bathing; bi-weekly medicated baths; four meds a day and most of all…lots of fun to motivate this herding girl to keep GOING! She is quite a car chaser so has to crated for the long trips (3 1/2 hrs each way) but seems no worse for the wear…but once home, she’s all about the ball…a little powerhouse of arthritic limbs and itchy body but willing to push the ball all around the yard!

Suzie is inspiring…happy even with so many things to tackle! A true Border Collie spirit.


Sweet as can be, SUZIE needs special care for the rest of her years and we are happy to do this for her... so she is officially a Glen Highland Sanctuary Resident!

It’s unclear whether Suzie is 12 or 13 or even 14, but no matter what, her body has truly suffered and she now has immune mediated issues that require lifetime management. At Glen Highland, we are very familiar with these systemic skin issues and know they are beyond what most adopters care to handle. Week by week, we hope to continue gaining ground for her comfort.

Through it all, Suzie is a TROOPER! Truly a Border Collie, she jumps into action with a toss of any toy or herding her friends when they get to the ball first. Her favorite is her bright blue ball which she pushes all over the yard to her satisfaction. When she's had her fun she trots over very proud with a big smile!


Margot Unkel & Grace & GH alum Calee

Marilyn, Bill, GH Alum Nicky and Gabe

Jeanie Burton, in memory of Wifi

Scottie Burkhalter, in memory
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