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SANCTUARY RESIDENT ZENA is a special needs Border Collie who’s been in rescue for 10 years. She’s changed from the intense high energy girl to a bit more mellow, but not much! She loves her ball best and will obsess continually on bringing it for another toss and another and another. While that may seem to be normal BC behavior, it’s actually not with Zena. She is OCD which makes her difficult to manage.

OCD is genetic, and once triggered, can rarely be modified without serious behavior modification and drug therapy. While other OCD Border Collies had come to GHF, Zena was by far, the worst to land here so it was impossible to find adoption interest.

While Zena will often chase sunlight and shadows inside and out, she has finally calmed down enough to enjoy long belly rubs and has a much more affectionate side available to share. She is overly sensitive so it’s good to see this over-reactive nature settle into a more livable situation for her and all of us, too! Zena’s senior years have been much more delightful! We are happy to have given her a chance at a real life, being understood for something she could not change.

HEALTH CHALLENGES: Zena has been diagnosed with advanced Renal Disease so needs a special diet low in protein. Regular vet visits are required to monitor the progression with hopes of slowing down the inevitable failure of the kidneys. Thankfully, Zena is doing fairly well though she does fatigue more easily.


Marcy Levine, In loving memory of Hypatia

Joanie Beskenis and Alan Bing: We hope Zena and all of you have a good 2021

Vicki Buono & GH alum Cookie

Barbara Erskine, in honor of GH alum & major ball girl Abby's15th birthday

John & Stacey Simon &
GH alums, Milo & Tig

Shannon Brown, in memory of Otis