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Arrived into Rescue in 2016 at 2 months old

Resident MADGE became extremely ill within days of landing in rescue. The former guardian had found her in cleaning supplies left in the garage area where the litter of pups was kept. Rushed to our Vet, intensive care saved her then and now years later, she’s had two more serious intensive care episodes, almost losing her life each time. Her early start has clearly impacted her immune system in some way, causing platelet and red blood count issues that unpredictably strike her for no reason.

After her first illness, Glen Highland had become Madge’s permanent home with the Founders. Thankfully that decision provided rescue funds to support her unexpected costly care. We have no idea what life holds ahead for Madge considering she’s so young and has had three life-threatening episodes already. We are hopeful to give her a happy life with many, many years ahead. She is so affectionate yet has a very soft nature impacted from all the vet intervention, making her skittish about many things. She loves her pack of Glen Highland buddies and is monitored 24/7, ever watchful that she stays stable.

Health Challenges: Madge has been diagnosed with an immune-mediated disease, Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP), a blood disorder where the body cannot manufacture the right level of platelets, soshe is on an immunosuppressant drug, Azathioprine. Without it, her platelets would drop so low that she could spontaneously bleed to death.

Renate and Pete Goodloe &
GHF alums Doc & Rosie

In memory of Theresa Opalinski who adored Border Collies

Michael Opalinski, Reid & Tux