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Arrived into Rescue in 2016 at 3 months old

SANCTUARY RESIDENT ROSSI is not only a gorgeous guy, he is a very stable, good-natured Border Collie, normally easily adoptable. That wasn’t the case for him. At 3 months old, his swallowing disorder, Megaesophagus, left him horribly underfed since every meal meant regurgitation. Relinquished to Glen Highland, we knew Rossi could live a very short life so sought out every medical option possible but nothing worked well. The first year of his life, he landed at Cornell’s ICU every single month with aspiration pneumonia, at risk of death. Hyper-vigilant oversight of every bite of food or slurp of water became everyday life at the Founder’s home. Days were filled with tears and worry.

Little did we know that time would unfold with a really good outcome. Now in 2020, at age 4, he is alive and well, running like the wind because one medication trial worked - Sildenafil - the canine version of viagra. The drug allows the esophageal ‘flap’ to lower over the stomach opening so food will not come out. This miraculous find has given Rossi an active, truly full BC life. Watching this vibrant boy be allowed to join others in the pack to run and drink water as needed and eat without spoonfuls of small food, has been a joy. Rossi is truly one of the happiest rescues we have ever seen!

Health Challenges: Rossi stays on Sildenafil for life. Its use is based on a study from Italy and he, along with other dogs are benefiting though it’s uncertain the long-term impact. We remain vigilant over his physical changes, always ‘on-duty’ for any slight change that might warrant veterinary care. His blood pressure and heartbeat are elevated compared to other BCs so we do rest him regularly, of course more than he’d like.

In memory of Rossi’s great pals & Lillie’s beloved friends who went to spirit too soon...alums Cricket & Madge...will surely return again

Tim Hunt & Christine Bamberger & GHF alum, Harry

John and Bonnie Yurga - In Loving Memory of Chumley, Twist and Shout with Me Always