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Ollie's Angels
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Renate and Pete Goodloe & GHF alums Doc & Rosie
Ollie needs 1 more angel!

Resident OLLIE came to Glen Highland as a 2 year old in 2013, with a record of severe car chasing, kid nipping and shadow chasing as well as high intensity that could not be managed. Ollie was clearly quite brilliant and also quite challenging. Any sound of children sent him charging directly at them, at fences, windows, gates, wherever they were, with his high pitched bark. His strong herding reaction led to grabs and nips if he connected with any child. If he wasn’t occupied mentally with activities, he would ‘demand bark’, asking for what he wanted, non-stop. Chasing bikes and cars left rutted paths wherever he ran, again non-stop until interrupted. His obsessive behavior led to chasing light reflections inside and outside, hard to manage without constant supervision.

A very hard combination of traits meant Ollie needed a very special home. One was found, seemingly ready for this unique BC but before year’s end, he was returned to Glen Highland, way "too difficult to manage". The distractions of people, noise, children, cars, all made it hard to focus on him staying connected to them. This very sweet, very very smart Border Collie required a controlled environment from all levels and then, he would blossom. There was only one solution that made sense - living at Glen Highland - where the world could be shaped around him.

Ollie lives on acres far from any traffic in an adult only setting where he joined a large pack of BC residents and he is thriving. He loves herding the canine crowd as well as individual toy play time. He is truly a real joy to watch as his intense drive and energy are now more in balance. Ollie’s sweet nature is also more evident as he cuddles and loves his belly rubs, clamoring for affection. Not always the easiest BC in the bunch, he still is by far, the smartest.

Rye's Angels
• Nancy and Sarah Baldwin and GHF alum Magg
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Rye needs 1 more angel!

Resident RYE has been in rescue for seven years, arriving at 9 months old in 2013, given up due to his intensity. Over the years living with the Founder, Rye proved to be extremely challenging with many OCD traits including car chasing. His early start and/or breeding led to some distrust of strangers, too, making him a tough combination for any normal adopter. Thankfully, GHF had space for Rye and he benefited from a heavily managed and protective life. We are committed to him to his last day.

In a wonderful way, Rye’s maturation, now 8 years old, has been a blessing…he is much more affectionate, actually seeking time for a cuddle and very, very compliant when asked to do anything at all. Aging can be good! He is still madly ball crazy and will go for any toss any time however his front leg injury, from before rescue, prohibits too much running. If Rye is not restricted, he will endlessly wear himself out in ball play and then be unable to even walk. We finally had to reach for anxiety medication to handle his odd reactions to everything and we are glad we did. Rye loves the action of the big pack but mostly loves his ball! He is a much happier, more settled Border Collie now, enjoying life.

Gwen's angels
• Sarah Hoger, Glenn Watson & Scooter
• Stacey Greenberg, in memory of Gryphon
• Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum, Lincoln


In 2015, Resident GWEN was a 5 month old fearful pup with a very defensive nature. She was posted on craigslist, no longer wanted. It was sad to see she already distrusted people and it was clearly going to take a long time to help her and be unlikely to transfer to anyone new. The decision to provide a lifetime where we would manage her worries was easy to make since she was also so sweet and loving when she felt safe.

In 2020, now age five, this protected life has been a wise decision since we have seen Gwen nip, lunge and grab at people when they come too close in her space. Even with a very rural lifestyle, plenty of BC friends and hardly any new visitors, Gwen’s fears are deeply seated, just as we suspected.

We are so grateful that Glen Highland could give her a full life of love, joy and committed care. She is an absolutely adorable girl who is fast and focused with her toys, an agile jumper sailing over fences and big time cuddler who the people she knows! Gwen is very happy with her active BC buddies!!

Rossi's Angels
From Nancy & Bob Marston, in loving memory of John
Rossi needs 2 more angels!

Resident ROSSI was 3 months old in 2016 when rescue became the only option to save him since his swallowing disorder, Megaesophagus, was making eating impossible. A tough disease to solve, the real answer is 24/7 management and extremely careful oversight, making every meal a critical endeavor. Many guardians cannot handle the heart-wrenching experience of watching their dogs waste away to nothing, unable to gain enough nourishment because they regurgitate whatever they eat.

Rossi would always be at risk, requiring continual vigilance for any breathing or choking problems, lethargy or fever, a truly special needs dog. While his adorable face attracted adoption interest, his medical condition did NOT. Glen Highland became his home, living with the Founder’s who could monitor his every need. If he had any chance to live a longer life, it was under dutiful watch with quick medical support.

This loving pup instantly took center stage at Glen Highland with great determination to find any new diagnostic tools to help him. A cross-country trip to the University of Missouri Vet Center for innovative evaluations gained some insight on feeding techniques to improve regurgitation but sadly, Rossi was not a candidate for a full-time fix with surgery.

Living with Rossi’s condition and growing body, required experimentation. Day by day, small meals, hand-fed or in an elevated bowl, worked somewhat. But as his body lengthened, so did his esophagus so regurgitation became inevitable. No matter the efforts, he was left hungry and required emergency vet attention for aspiration pneumonia, unable to breathe. Rossi’s case was closely managed by the Cornell Vet Hospital team, hoping to keep him alive as monthly emergency runs became the norm. Every single month in 2017, Rossi was treated as xrays revealed the need for medication to reverse his downturn. Luckily, he would pull through.

In January, 2018, Rossi became a test dog for Sildenafil, (the human drug Viagra) and life has now changed for him. A study done in Italy revealed that the drug will relax the lower esophageal ‘flap’, allowing food to pass more easily and remain in the stomach. It has been working well throughout 2018, reducing his risk of a near-death event and need for emergency vet care. He has been at the emergency clinic only twice since starting the medications, a truly life-saving solution.

Rossi has grown into an action oriented, classic Border Collie, with all the joy of living he should experience. Many tears have been shed worrying about his fate and now, there is greater hope that his life will be a long one. While there is still great caution ahead, his health is scrutinized minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day and will be for as long as he lives.

Madge's Angels
• Renate and Pete Goodloe & GHF alums Doc & Rosie
• In memory of Theresa Opalinski who adored Border Collies
• Michael Opalinski, Reid & Tux

Resident MADGE arrived in 2016 as a 2 month old pup, sadly very sick within days of landing in rescue. The former guardian had found her in cleaning supplies left in the garage area where the litter of pups was kept. Rushed to our Vet, intensive care saved her then and now years later, she’s had two more serious intensive care episodes, almost loosing her life each time. Her early start has clearly impacted her immune system in some way, causing platelet and red blood count issues that unpredictably strike her for no reason.

Glen Highland had become Madge’s permanent home with the Founders after going through her first illness. Thankfully that decision provided rescue funds to support her unexpected costly care. We have no idea what life holds ahead for Madge considering she’s so young and has had three life-threatening episodes already. We are so hopeful to give her a happy life with many, many years ahead. She is so affectionate yet has a very soft nature impacted from all the vet intervention, making her skittish about many things. She loves her pack of Glen Highland buddies and is monitored 24/7, ever watchful that she stays stable.