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Betsie's Angels
Jim Clubb
Zoraida Vaher O'Brien & Martin O'Brien, in honor of Oona, Reilly & Lia
• With love, Linda & Rob Johnson & Alum Sadie

Resident BETSIE arrived at GHF fall of 2016, estimated to be 11 years old. Part of a large confiscation of Border Collies, she came into rescue in very, very rough condition. With no evidence of any veterinary care, Betsie needed immediate help. Dental extractions were critical to improving her health. Undiagnosed lyme has been challenging to manage with continued titers at very high levels and her heart murmur also requires careful monitoring. Thankfully, Betsie has gained ground to enjoy more vibrant years. Considering her physical state, a simpler life remaining at GHF was warranted. This petite girl has been thriving and a joy to watch - so happy with her herding instinct in full force, rounding up all her pals non-stop.

Bodie's Angels
• In loving memory of Joe Yurga: "Always in our hearts and deeply missed"
• Scottie Burkhalter & GHF alums, in memory JayJay & Russy
• Renate & Pete Goodloe, GHF alums Rosie & Doc

Resident BODIE arrived at age 14 in 2018 looking like life had dealt him some rough times coming from an SPCA after a confiscation. Clearly underweight with a horrible skin infection, Bodieís time there proved that this sweet guy really just wanted a kind touch and a good meal, holding no grudge for what was surely neglect. Once at GHF, with proper medical help, he flourished almost making it hard to believe he was as old as stated. Happy, outgoing and curious, even frisbee became a mainstay of his day. But, the big enjoyment was warm cozy couch time and lots of belly rubs! This sweet guy is clearly content with his new life though glaucoma has recently blinded him in one eye. Careful monitoring ahead, will reveal other challenges that arise to be handled.

Special thanks to Carol Cunningham who spotted Bodie on the shelter’s facebook page and made sure he made it to GHF.

Bradley's Angels
• Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum, Lincoln
• Jim Miller and in loving memory of his beloved Border Collie,
Shelby, a GHF alum
• Jim Clubb

Resident BRADLEY lived in one home since a pup til age 13 when his guardianís life changed in 2017.  Loss of a job, divorce and a move to an apartment meant Bradley was in need of help and GHF was the answer.  Without recent funds, medical care had been lacking leaving Bradley with a systemic skin infection and significant back-end pain. He was totally loved but in very bad shape physically. Fortunately, his good nature and sweetness was holding him steady through all this so once his allergies were properly diagnosed, he began to improve. Further vet work revealed an enlarged heart with a heart murmur to monitor; much needed dental extractions and lyme to be treated plus providing pain medication immediately. The Bradley of today is still sweet as can be and clearly thinks life is great and itís easy to see heís feeling 100% better!

Special thanks to Ann Gardner who helped make it possible for Bradley to land at GHF.

Jet's Angels
• Scott Trapp
• Renate & Pete Goodloe, GHF alums Rosie & Doc

• Tracy & Bill Blevins & GHF alums, Tucker & Grace

Resident JET lived in one home since a pup til age 13 when his guardianís life changed in 2018. A divorce meant Jet and his canine friend, Tip, needed someplace to go. Being the older one of the two lessened Jetís chances for adoption so while we hoped someone might consider bringing him home, it didnít turn out that way. Now, at 14 (d.o.b. 5/05), he is all settled in at GHF and loves being here, with lots to do: pals to herd and keep track of as well as lots of human attention! What could be better - great food and a life tailored to your every need plus plenty to DO!! Weíre very happy to have a spot to provide for his needs now and ahead. Jet enjoys some toy play and exploring in fields at GHF but is also equally as happy to hang with his person and enjoy some lovin'. Jet is now deaf at this age and needs daily pain medication to help improve his mobility. He is bred from the Kuykendall lineage and has ABCA papers. Jet is about 50 pounds and not good with cats.

Mandy's Angels
• Renate & Pete Goodloe, GHF alums Rosie & Doc
• Dana Sambogna, in memory of Brody & Shelby
• Deb Meyers & Gene Bleecker, in memory of GHF alum Quill

MANDY has all the spunk of a youngster even at 15... so excited for her car ride to see the action, ever focused to do her Ďjob'!!!!

Resident MANDY arrived in 2017 at 11 1/2 years old finding herself homeless with the death of her guardian. Once a cherished friend, she was distraught with all the changes, landing in a shelter before coming to GHF. Super sensitive and thoughtful, Mandy really needed less pressure and some semblance of quiet and a person connecting to her. Leary of new people and new settings, Mandy continued to show fearful reactions that made it hard to consider moving her yet again. She needed life to again make sense so GHF became her home. Her last vetting of 2 years prior, had not detected her heart murmur but otherwise, she is strong and healthy and blossoming.