Amidst all the good news about the recent vulnerable Rescues arriving at Glen Highland, we have one sad ending to share. It’s always hard to write about a death when it happens far too soon and everything in your being wants a different outcome…just one more day…one more week…one more month but as we are always reminded…it’s not the length of time, it’s the time itself…

Each day counts as being important when love is the point.

And, so it went for BETT… this beautiful, tiny girl came to us in peril, really fragile and within ten days of being on site, she blossomed. The kennel cough went away; her labored breathing improved and her skin was on the mend…fingers crossed, everything was in the right direction even with the killer heartworm disease in her body.

However after seeing so many sick Border Collies, something on a gut level felt that Bett was not really ‘right’ and the ultrasound gave the final blow of information…cancer…the organs in no way normal…which totally explained the extreme weight loss no matter how much she was eating…and she was eating as if she was starving. She was gaining and then she wasn’t…she was strong and then she wasn’t…it was a rapid turnaround going the wrong direction.

So, one month after her arrival, almost to the day, July 31st…we said goodbye to Bett. She collapsed from weakness and her body was unraveling. Surrounded by all of us who adored her…she went out in a grand cocoon of love. Her last breath brought the peace her body needed and then her spirit could soar.

Tears were flowing instantly missing this little spitfire but also gratitude that she did not die in the street or in a shelter. She gained plenty of strength in the weeks at Glen Highland so she could cross to the other side with grace not in a calamity all alone.

As has been said before…the compassion of giving time, space, care and mostly, massive amounts of love…is the whole point.

We love you little Bett…an angel on earth this one was and we know, still is…godspeed Bett.


A 10 year old petite Border Collie, Bette arrived into rescue in late June 2023. Sweet little Bett is just adorable… quite the charmer. She won’t let you do anything other than give her attention - whether up on the couch for cuddles or out with the ball - this girl has spunk. She loves a great ball toss and she loves people even more!

But her lovely demeanor hides a host of serious health challenges, including heartworm disease, that puts her in a very fragile state..

Aside from advanced heartworm disease, Bett is also in renal failure, with only 30% of her kidney function. Chest x-rays also revealed that her lungs are compromised from heartworm, making breathing difficult and she fatigues quickly. Orthopedic X-rays revealed very bad arthritis in all her joints and spondylosis in her back. Thankfully, a bad skin infection is resolving, as is an eye injury.

We are about to have an abdominal ultrasound done to better determine other issues as well as an ECHO to evaluate her heart function more clearly.

With this level of progressed illnesses, Bett is now a Glen Highland Sanctuary Resident. We can provide care for her no matter how much time is left, handling her health needs and happiness in this vulnerable condition.

Bett arrived at a South Carolina in horrible shape, in jeopardy of losing her life. Thankfully, the shelter quickly passed her to rescue. While the health news is not great, she eats like a champ and has the spirit of a young BC ready to take on the world. Of course, she cannot do that but this girl is blossoming with some joyful time.

The surprising part of Bett’s story is that she had been loved at one point. This amazing tiny girl who sits, lies down, gives her paw and is sooo affectionate… was found on the street. We’ll never know how or why, but her journey is now going in the right direction.

Bett deserves good health, committed love and time to enjoy being a Border Collie - all of us at Glen Highland are cheering for this wonderful girl no matter how long she has ahead.

A huge thanks to Diane Bolten for alerting us to Bett and major thanks to our transporters who answered the call for help meaning we could move Bett 72 hours after saying we wanted her… this made all the difference… Melissa Ortolano, Nancy Solum, Colleen Harvey, Aiyana Persinger - thank you for making this 9-hour drive happen! And, a huge thank you to the Berkeley Animal Center who gave Bett this chance!