Sadly we had to say goodbye to Gus very quickly…only 8 days and his body took charge. Frankly, one look at this sweet fella made us know there was trouble ahead. We’ve seen so many of these awful neglect cases and there just isn’t enough time to turnaround the deficits.

In Gus’s case, it was heartworm disease, renal failure and neurological complications as well as a backend he could barely hold up. We’ll never know if the 110 heat index (he was found wandering a highway in Texas) took his brain and body into no return or if he was hit by a car or if he was just at the end of a very, very rough life, but today we gave Gus the freedom he needed. Seizure activity started and Gus was no longer present.

Gus swiftly left back to Spirit.

So, rather than dwell on the goodbye…it’s important to share the hello. Who arrived late into the evening from Texas was this lovely gem of a Border Collie. Good grief, just the sweetest nature and loving manners, just wanting to lean on you for a pet and belly rub.

This guy had no regrets about whatever went on…he thought we were swell and life held love for him. So trusting, so gentle, such an old soul type of Border Collie…

It made sense that Gus found Glen Highland cause he knew we’d do it right. THAT is our promise…short or long stay…the choice is theirs and we merely offer the path with lots of love and care.

A short stay only marks a moment in time and space. For Gus, it was the quality of that time…he soaked up the love right til the end.

Thank you Gus for gracing us with a pure innocent energy of trust. If the world was full of more of Gus’s gifts, it would be a far better place.

We are all grateful for his stop on his way home. Godspeed GUS.