On February 2, 2022, sadly, we had to say goodbye to MAX. He only made it six weeks once in rescue. A rectal tumor completely blocked his ability to defecate. Clearly a very aggressive type of cancer, it was quite obvious he was suffering and the decision was made to let him go.

Thankfully, he was an amazing, outgoing, happy and active Border Collie right up until that very day. We just loved this guy and while more time would have been a million times better, it was so clear he was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. And THAT fills our hearts with joy.

Max's History

Sanctuary RESIDENT MAX arrived into rescue before the holidays in 2022, at age 12. He’d lost his home due to nipping a child. Described as a nervous dog, he had a very hard time at the shelter and was air snapping and nipping in fear. Thankfully, he didn’t lose his life and made it to Glen Highland.

Within days, this sweet guy was all about toys and affection, clearly happy to be back in a home. He’d lived his life in one home with two small dog buddies and though a bit timid with the other Border Collies, he started to invite play time and gain a bit of confidence. He knows lots of obedience commands and is so eager to please, Max is truly a really wonderful good-natured guy even if super sensitive.

Sadly, within 2 weeks of arrival, our vet visit revealed a rectal tumor, large enough that it’s bad news. Inoperable, Max will have a shortened life. This explains his thin-ness which instantly was cause for concern when meeting him but we were so hopeful it was just stress or something simple but it is not…cancer is underway.

So, MAX IS A SANCTUARY RESIDENT FOR HOWEVER LONG HE HAS… he could have a few months to a year but the prognosis is so varied at this point, we really are unsure.

Regardless of this news, Max is one happy, happy guy. We are so charmed by this sweet fella and so glad to provide a loving, fun safe place for him. He LOVES toys and is now meeting other Seniors and while very timid with them (he lived with little dogs), he is starting to ‘flirt’ a little with one and just might have a play buddy soon! It’s pretty sweet to watch.

Though very sad, we are so smitten with his joyful nature and grateful that the universe put him into our hands.

Our mission continues…a safe refuge for those that need us…no matter how long.