Goodbye to Mick, 11/15/23

Over almost 2 1/2 years, we got to know Mick very well - his quirks, his dislikes, his charming antics and of course Mick’s ‘way’…if it didn’t suit Mick, it was not happening!!

But, at the end as sick as his body had become, he barely managed a serious growl or snap in disapproval being picked up and tucked in the car to head for his favorite truck ride for chicken nuggets. In fact, he gazed out the window so unlike himself, we knew the decision to let him go was on track.

Mick came to us in July of 2021 as an unhealthy guy who barely finished more than a cup a day. Feeding Mick had to be done ‘his way’, on a plate and changed in various combinations to entice intake. Meal time was a full day’s work. His medical file is one of the thickest in the rescue with numerous visits to handle his severe back-end issues, his liver issues, his kidney issues and finally gall bladder surgery. Specialists had no directive except to keep trying to find what was behind all these problems. Thankfully, after surgery in 2022, he gained an appetite and began to thrive.

Mick’s strong Border Collie personality was finally in full force!!…bounding to say hello to a dog and then grumbling and charging them off…happy to have a cuddle and then grumbling when it was too long or a bit too close…racing off in the big yard to explore and then heading back cause he was too far away from you…a study in contradictions but a big thinker with lots of opinions.

To say Mick was a challenge is an understatement…but he captured our hearts and we held on tight through thick and thin…we adored him.

His 2023 vestibular episode took the last bit of steam from him and recovery left him unlike the strong Border Collie we had finally been able to experience. The pain management increased, but recent lab values again pointed in the wrong direction until finally, Mick was not much of the Mick he wanted to be.

At 12, way too young, we said goodbye to this proud character who loved to be the boss. A tiny fella, barely 30 pounds…

We will never ever forget MICK… thanks for keeping us very busy
helping you be the best you could be…YOU WERE GREAT!

Big love to Mick on the other side!