At 13, Nikko arrived very compromised with heavy breathing and panting, needing to rest even after moderate exercise. Once his ECHO revealed heart disease and labwork showed gall bladder issues, medications made a world of difference and this boy was up and running and never looked back.

He was the happiest, most carefree Border Collie in the world. He was also the most vocal…he had a lot to say and was talking from the minute he awoke til the end of the night..happy barking/talking Nikko! What a clown!

Not all Border Collies are like Nikko was…just a joyful ‘join-in’ kinda guy who thought Glen Highland was THE best action ever! He didn’t overthink a thing. He become pals with groups of dogs and then big time buddies with Reed who also likes to talk…these two we affectionately named ’the Belushi brothers’ cause they were inseparable and funny as could be! Bark, race around, bark, race around…get the ball, drop the ball…it never stopped! Nikko demanded that you chuckle watching his delight with life.

Unexpectedly, on 10/12/23 Nikko collapsed, unable to be upright much at all, not wanting to eat and not uttering one bark of joy…we raced him to the vet. The heart disease had progressed and there was no easy way to mend what was unfolding.

Nikko had previously been in a home where his person wasn’t well and had hoped to get him back. However, after a few months of emergency boarding, it was clear he could not return.

Soon as we met this sweet guy, we had to reassure him that life was still going to be good…we would happily be his new people. He thankfully trusted his new changed world and blossomed big time.

It’s impossible to say goodbye to such a massive personality in fur so we’ll just say a fond thanks for coming Nikko! We better see you around again cause you were the life of the party!

It’s just too quiet now…but we are pretty darn sure it’s fun on the other side with you there!


NIKKO arrived into Rescue in April 2023 as a Sanctuary Resident. At 13 years old, he is quite a spry fella who loves ball play equally as well as meeting people! Super friendly, he has never met a stranger (as the saying goes) nor a ball toss he wouldn’t want to snag!

Nikko is truly so good-natured and easy-going, he is quite amazing. He is doing well with the other seniors who are ball nuts just like him. Sometimes, he wants to push in and take the ball from another dog but being a perfect gentleman, he waits for it to be dropped. But once he gets the ball, he’s not keen on dropping it himself! An antic so common to smart herding dogs who know what they like! He is really enjoying lots of attention with belly rubs and cuddling but as usual, when the action starts, Nikko is on his feet ready to go! He is no sedate senior!

Like Border Collies this age, his eyesight and hearing are compromised but that doesn’t stop him much at all. His health is pretty good with bloodwork showing some gall bladder sludge so that is being treated but otherwise, he’s in good shape. He has spondylosis which causes some issues getting up from laying down but he seems fairly pain-free so for now, we’ll monitor his needs as he ages.

Nikko came from a Maryland shelter where he was relinquished, along with a cat, due to an eviction situation. He spent three months in a special foster program waiting to see if his people could sort out options to take him back but they could not so he was free to come to Glen Highland.