At only 12 years old, we had hoped with healing and support that Scooter would find a new home other than rescue, however his body gave hints to us that something was amiss - his mobility was worsening. We were about to post that he was a Resident when things took a turn for the worst.

His degenerative joint disease was severe upon arrival so he moved very delicately and suddenly at the end, a disc issue made it impossible for him to move at all…he couldn’t lay down, wouldn’t eat and could not turn his neck…the xrays revealed quick progression that now made it impossible for him to have a good life, even with us.

Scooter had originally been given away on facebook because he couldn’t do stairs and then that person cast him out to stray until found by a caring citizen who took him to a shelter. The microchip revealed such a cruel story for such a lovely, good-natured, super gentle guy. Our hearts ached for him at first but he shone like a bright star once he was being loved. This skinny, sad fella instantly glowed with happiness…right up until the end.

So we say a huge good-bye to a charming Border Collie mix named Scooter who graced our hearts and souls…we have been forever touched by him.


A 12 year old Border Collie mix, Scooter, arrived into Rescue in July 2023. He is an adorable, good-natured happy guy who loves people. He is grateful for some back rubs and loves a big hello, just for him! His gentle soul is obvious. He also bounds around the yard with toys, feeling pleased with his new experiences!

Being a mix, Scooter is calmer in nature and enjoys relaxing when his person does, right by your side. A little ball toss or squeaky toy play is just fine or even walks to sniff and enjoy the great outdoors, and when it’s time to relax, he does! Scooter does well with the other rescue dogs and enjoys the activity of canine pals but could easily be a solo dog.

Scooter has done well in rescue, gaining weight and coming back into better health. His lab work is all good and he is ready for a new life. He has degenerative joint disease so is on gabapentin for comfort. He will need a single floor home making easier for him to get around. He is close to 40 pounds.

Scooter was on the streets of North Carolina as a stray having been passed to someone through Facebook because he had trouble doing their stairs. That person then let Scooter go, for whatever reason we’ll never know. Thankfully, he came to GH and has really blossomed back in a home where he is wanted.