Running a Senior Sanctuary is full of joy helping so many deserving Border Collies but it is also a mission where we face death head-on, continuously. That means the very dogs we pour our hearts and souls into helping, leave us and often, it’s much sooner than anyone wants or frankly, expects.

So is the case with ASHER. An unbelievable sudden turn, literally moving his body in his bed led to two discs slipping, making him immobile. His back-end and back legs were useless and his pain unbearable. In September, he had a smaller version of ’sinking’ which indicated back issues which medication solved but this was a massive spine problem, far worse than earlier. And, he was instantly suffering, screaming in pain.

Surgery would have been the only solution. Physical therapy for months would have followed. Of course, no guarantees then leaving only the option of a wheelchair. None of this made sense for such a fearful fella who had already bravely endured bi-weekly vet blood draws for a year. Terrified with new people and new situations, he made it through all the vetting but the level of humanity all over him created such stress.

There was only one thing that made sense for ASHER… crushed by the sudden goodbye, we tearfully let him go on December 12, 2022. The vet team knew him so well after so many visits. They, too, were so deeply saddened, having rooted for him for so long to get well.

Asher had one of the largest files of any dog in rescue with endless lab work including ultrasounds, chest xrays, skin infections, emergency dental surgery and continuous monitoring. We all thought he had finally made it, in the clear. But, life took him back to spirit instead.

IN THE END, Asher had a year of good food, a real home to live inside curled up on the couch or his bed, and a grand time exploring with the other rescues.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, he had one full year not having to fend for himself left alone as a stray outside. Ten years of neglect ended once at glen highland.

Asher became so much healthier and so happier. His little happy dance with helicopter tail wagging for mealtime and to say hello showed a massive transformation.

Godspeed ASHER…we so wanted to spend more time with you…
we sure miss you and we are honestly, devastated.


Asher came into Rescue at age 10 in December 2021, finally inside warm and cozy getting real meals each day. He is no longer fending for himself. This is a huge change since he lived on his own ALL HIS LIFE as a stray. Neighbors reported him wandering for ten years until someone found him curled up on their porch and felt he would not survive another brutal winter. We could not turn away from such an incredibly sad story so moved him from North Carolina to Glen Highland.

A gentle natured Border Collie mix, he arrived in very rough shape. Shortly after arrival, an auto-immune problem surfaced where his platelets dropped so dangerously low, he could bleed to death. The entire year involved weekly diagnostic checks and monitoring the medication that could save his life. After almost a year, his platelet levels remained steady even without medication. This healthier and happier Asher is amazing to see!

Asher has taken to life inside just fine, mixing beautifully with other Seniors and lounging on the couch or cozy bed where it’s truly THE BEST! He is still a skittish fella who doesn’t want a lot of touching but we are finally getting tail wags and that expectant happy look when he sees a full food bowl coming his way. He still dodges from touch and darts away with any gesture that seems scary but then comes from behind for a careful sniff. We have been building steps toward crossing a very long bridge of trust.