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Death is merely a transition.

Honoring the Spirit as it moves into another form is what we do at Glen Highland. Every Border Collie, just like every human, has a ‘spirit'  they share with others, two-legged and four. It is their ‘essence’, a feeling of who they are in this life. Of course, there is a generalized Border Collie spirit that ties together the breed with similar natures but the ‘spirit’  is very specific to the individual. In talking with dogs at the end of their lives, through Animal Communication, it is crystal clear that death is not the end of that ‘spirit’, only the end of the physical body. 

While the departure of our beloved canine friend is hardest on the human, dogs understand the truth of what is happening. They are not afraid. They are not sad. They let go of their bodies knowing the time is right. However, if they had one wish to convey as they leave, it would be that their human stay linked to their ’spirit’. 

Spirit to Spirit, the deepest part of them, is carried in your hearts, and keeps the close relationship alive. One simple way to find that ’spirit to spirit’ bond is through a picture. A favorite picture of your canine friend sitting right where it can be seen so that you can ‘find’ them through the energy of love that shines in the picture. Much like a radio frequency, spirit energy is all about tuning in to find it.

Honoring the Spirits that have passed at Glen Highland is our way of allowing them to carry on, sharing their hearts to those who tune into them.  

Click on their headshots to read about them.

MAX, age 12
To spirit February 2023

MATTY, age 13
To spirit December 2022

ASHER, age 11
To spirit December 2022

DELLA, age 9
To spirit November 2022

ZENA, age 14
To spirit November 2022

MAC, age 15
To spirit November 2022

MONTY, age 10
To spirit September 2022

RIPLEY, age 15
To spirit September 2022

LINDY, age 13
To spirit August 2022

CASEY, age 10
To spirit August 2022

JUDE, age 11
To spirit June 2022

SADIE, age 16
To spirit June 2022

HUNTER, age 14
To spirit June 2022

SUZIE, age 12
To spirit December 2021

MILES, age 11
To spirit September 2021

REO, age 13
To spirit September 2021

JD, age 14
To spirit August 2021

Dougie, age 11
To spirit August 2021

Major, age 11
To spirit July 2021

Roze, age 13
To spirit May 2021

CALLEN, age 10
To spirit May 2021

BETSIE, age 14
To spirit April 2021

SOX, age 14
To spirit April 2021

MANDY, age 15
To spirit March 2021

FLIP, age 11
To spirit February 2021

JET, age 15
To spirit October 2020

At Glen Highland, we get to say hello and make new friends with the most wonderful characters you can imagine and then that day comes, we must send our beloved canine pals back to spirit... thankfully, we know it’s with great love and great kindness... and THAT is all we would wish for them and even ourselves.

BODIE, age 15.5 left us May 13, 2020, 1.5 years after his arrival, far better and stronger than his early days. He was abandoned in a PA shelter in terrible shape and we actually felt he might perish quickly. Well, once Bodie acclimated, he decided to be a real life ‘wing man’ for our Caretaker, happy to keep all the other Border Collies in line. This was a very serious job for Mr. Bodie and it seemed the more he ruled the roost over the misbehaving canines, the more vibrant he became. Truth be told, he was absolutely happy to give up his supervisor role for some cuddles and serious attention so all in all, he had it made and it showed.

We nursed him through his health challenges but glaucoma won, rendering him fully blind in one eye and almost the same in the other. Like any smart herding dog, he sorted out a life overcoming those deficits. As time unfolded, he grew weaker with less interest in his supervisory role…Bodie was going downhill quickly…we knew it, he knew it and today, it was time. He had defied aging as much as he could but now, it was time to go.

We give a great round of applause for this special boy who brought his A-game to play in rescue as we watched and marveled at both his brilliance and strength and sweetness. All of us will miss you Bodie but are so very, very glad you came to spend time with us. ahead, will reveal other challenges that arise to be handled.

At age 15 1/2, Bradley was a radiant light of joy, always smiling, always cheerful and always ready for another great day! He was the happiest Border Collie at Glen Highland. Today, March 9th, 2020, he left us all behind to remember him and celebrate his incredible nature, always inspiring. His body was full of pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia and joint issues in all four legs, truly making it difficult to watch him walk or trot along to join the BC pack in action. He would toss one front leg out fully to propel himself forward and glide with his back end following along, carefully balancing his imbalance, sometimes taking a tumble. But, Bradley, ever diligent, would get right back up until today, he just didn’t have the energy. It was his time to fly…back to Spirit he went.

Before leaving, he made sure to pass his joy along, talking about his passing... ”Celebrate me”, he said, “look at how great I did to hold it all together for so long…I pulled it off and stayed as long as I possibly could... I had a great time showing everyone my joy no matter my broken body... now I gotta fly... Watch me FLY!”.

Bradley came to Glen Highland in the fall of 2017 so spent 2 1/2 years with us all: staff, volunteers, vacationing guests, everyone got to meet him and everyone, even those seeing him on the site, knew he was magic. "WATCH ME FLY”... and that we did, month after month, year after year... spreading that contagious joyful spirit everywhere... we’ll carry you in our hearts forever Bradley.

From Bradley’s Caretaker, Jos:
I am honored to have gotten to know Bradley over the course of 2.5 years. (A good run in a senior rescue!) That’s over 900 days of looking at his joyous effervescent mug. And you know... every one of those days it said TODAY”S A GREAT DAY! No matter his aches it was never too much to keep Bradley from a good roll in the grass, or bounding after his BC friends. When that became too challenging, NO BIGGIE, he would just offer up his unique bark, which would carry much further than his body could, as he commentated loudly on any action. Bradley showed me and anyone who was paying attention, that there are no bad days.. there is always something to smile and feel happy about.

And then today came. I knew this day would come. And while I was sad (total understatement)... I couldn’t dwell there, because this magnificent dog was grinning back at me... just like every day before this one!

So I sat there with him nearing his final moments, the sun peering over my shoulder to his sleeping visage, I shuddered and my thoughts went to a darker place… but only briefly as a gust of wind blew over us, and my eyes were drawn up to a flock of birds that soared above as if on cue, silhouetted against the billowy clouds in the impossibly blue sky. And like that, he was gone. But I could still feel him…in that beauty in the air and in the birds and I was all at once proud of him, humbled and thankful as I found myself warming with a smile… there are no bad days.. there is always something to smile and feel happy about. Thank you, Bradley!

LOVING LEO... November 4, 2019. On a beautiful crisp November fall day with the sun shining and a light breeze blowing, 15 year old LEO made his way back to the other side, where spirit could hold him again in deep love. This incredibly gentle, innocent natured Border Collie never had a bad day, always shared his big heart and rejoiced in being on the earth, having some fun...herding, frisbee catching, rolling in the grass, whatever he decided to do, Leo was all about enjoying it! Spending any time with this magical boy was a bit like knowing 'Forest Gump'...a special being with a heart of gold, never intending trouble, just being happy, happy, happy. He got along with every dog and every human he met! We are better for knowing him and grateful he graced us all for almost 1-1/2 years his arrival.

Sadly, his back-end worsened over time here, like all orthopedic issues but once he lost use of his front leg due to arthritis, there was only one good leg left so mobility was impossible. Pain was great and movement was over. To ask Leo to lay still and 'hang-out' was just not who he wanted to be bounding round Glen Highland gave him exactly the life he wanted action! So, we said a huge loving good-bye, for now, to a spectacular heartfelt friend. We love you Leo.

From Caretaker Jos:
"Afoot and light-hearted"; Leo always was so present in the moment, never about the past or future and all about what was happening in the here and now... being 'all in' and taking advantage of a sunny day or a rainy day.. .it was all good to him and all opportunity to just be. Leo was not one of those heavy thinker over analytical BCs - he was much simpler and unburdened and carried himself that way... just a happy guy.  Anyone that has ever tried to walk with Leo anywhere (in a hallway, in a house, in a yard) knows how constantly underfoot he was, he was quite talented at cutting you off as you moved about, always physically being in your way while gazing at you innocently with bright-eyes. It was impossible to not slow down and stop what you were doing. I know now, that he was just reminding us to take a moment... and be present. Something we should all aspire to do more of. Thank you Leo!

PENNY is back in spirit now, Friday 10/25/19... finding peace in a body ripped apart by a rare bacteria, even Cornell had never seen, aggressively moving from her bloodstream, taking hold in her spine preventing mobility and creating horrible pain... nothing more could be done... We'd hoped to beat the odds of an unknown disease process and give this 10 year old more time... and selfishly, ourselves more time, too.

JUST ONE MORE DAY became our goal... more meds, more treatments, more ideas to try... we looked for the answers each time her health lagged, turning over every stone, just hoping to gain time with Penny but her journey had not really been in our control at all. When Cornell cannot find answers, we're always reminded of how little we are in charge of life... mysteries always surround us when it comes to life and death... canine and human.

We've been merely stewards of this magnificent girl, sharing her joyous nature with a deep heart bonding... a short six months of intense care, giving all we could... but the physical journey has ended. We are not miracle workers. However we are graced to see a miracle arrive in our midst - what a huge force of love Penny shared - a miracle in fur.

Penny returns HOME... thank you all for your kindness and support... she felt all the cheering coming her way... no matter a short stay or a luckily long one, these dogs jump into our hearts, making room to share the truth about living... right now, it feels as though an elephant is stepping on our chest, already missing her so much but Penny's gifts will still be in that very heart because there is no real loss, just complete exchange from one gifted angel... Penny was and is a heart worker... everyone who met her or saw her pictures, felt it... her energy goes on.

We will miss touching her, seeing her charming face gazing at us but are so grateful for sharing in her love and hope you feel this love coming to you, too... running a Senior Rescue & Sanctuary is a bittersweet experience but one truth comes through loud and clear... Love... that is what dogs bring us... they wish us no pain... just the sacred exchange of love.


When the ball is no longer of interest, it is time to listen carefully for the moment of grace letting a beloved Border Collie pass back to spirit surrounded in love. On 9/24/19, the moment had come for STORM. His lackluster interest in playing or even being outside had been evident since the recent diagnosis of a spinal cord problem causing so much pain that he couldn’t hold his weight up in the front or back without being on prednisone. The days and weeks leading up to this day were so intimate and fragile, carefully watching and waiting to be sure of his wishes.

This time of ‘wrapping up’ for a dog is similar as for humans - just a bit more fun; a bit more great food; and a bit more watching the action all around, letting the mind follow where the body is leading and then, it’s time. We were so very, very lucky to be with Storm side by side, step by step, as he prepared us and himself. It wasn’t just about ending suffering, it was about knowing the timing that was on HIS terms... Storm was loud and clear.  He knew what he wanted and when – to find the freedom of the other side – to return HOME.

Storm came to Glen Highland as a pup in 2005, the very first litter born in rescue. He returned in 2017 at 12 and now almost 2 years later, his face told the whole story – a full life, a satisfied Border Collie. This super-friendly boy was good-natured through 14 years, no matter the ups or downs, he gave his best and truly was brilliant.

We are grateful to have known Storm, especially in these final years. See you on the other side. We’ll miss you, for now.

Our Seniors often surprise us, thinking that age is the key to knowing when the end is near but it’s just never the case. We had hoped that ’young’ 13 year old ROXIE had another year or two left but her body just took charge of that timing and we had to give her peace on 9/21/19, just days short of hitting a full year at Glen Highland. Her mind was as strong as ever but the pain caused tremendous discomfort in every effort she made despite the medications and supplements on board.

This remarkably focused Border Collie wanted one thing and that was to do her work - the infamous toy game - she pushed through unbelievable pain with advanced degenerative arthritis in every joint. Literally crippled in every leg and her back, she still plowed ahead to ‘race’ for her toys/her work! A stoic girl, she was really amazing to watch so clearly happy and eager to move that body in sync with her mind. We marveled at the determination in such a sweet, sweet soul. Roxie represents the intensity that drives this breed to be exceptional.

Roxie was a lover, a cuddler and happy to see anyone and everyone at any time however those same folks knew what was important... outside or inside... toss that toy! So, it’s a bittersweet good-bye, shorter than we wanted but appropriate, for sure. She could no longer stand up on her own or even move more than a foot forward, often tipping over as her legs cheated her. There was such small joy left in the very thing that carried her through life. It was time.

Roxie came from Virginia so her relinquishers joined us that final day on speaker phone, in total tears saying good-bye to their beloved friend. They’d already said one good-bye due to a move but so wanted one more time to let her hear directly from them that SHE will always be cherished. We all cried along side the tears and words coming through the phone and watched as Roxie clearly heard them.

Godspeed Roxie... you’ll be in many hearts, forever.

On 8/12/19 the lovely and distinguished NELLIE left us with broken hearts wishing this very special girl could live forever. Her soul shone from her eyes with a glance of old wisdom about how life really works.  All Border Collies carry that special quality of seeing into your soul and it feels as though they know the secrets of the universe. In Nellie’s case, she surely did and for all of us who spent time with her, we were the better for it. Nellie came to the world on a mission, sharing her heart, her will, and her bold confidence to make the life she wanted. Yes, Nellie made her life the way she wanted it.

Her journey into rescue started with 7 puppies leading her from West Virginia to Connecticut and then to a Glen Highland adopter who joined her with Duncan. That guardian’s death 1 1/2 years ago, led her back to rescue and into our arms, a happy well loved content girl. Never an unhappy day, she jumped into her new life, leading Duncan to trust the change and accept the new love coming to them both. A classic leader, Nellie embraced life whole-heartedly.

Turning 13 this fall, her heart and soul were still strong but her body was crashing with severe spondylosis and dysplasia, taking away the joy of movement and freedom, both so important to her true nature. The past two weeks had been rough as she changed, slipping away into the zone of discomfort and pain.  It was clearly time to begin listening for her choice in timing to go.

And, so, in Nellie style, a GI crisis opened the door to her exit and two days later with one brief visit at the vet, she said as loud as loud could be - NOW - it’s NOW. And, so it was... she crossed peacefully back to spirit right where she wanted to be. What a grand being with so much to share, Nellie... thank you.

Sometimes at Glen Highland, we are so very, very lucky to meet a special Border Collie on a special mission and this was CLYDE, who passed on to spirit on 6/12/19. Wow, what a massively unique being he was, carrying all his focus and energy purposely toward the objective that made sense to him! Whether it was overseeing the other dogs and their behaviors or guiding those who needed a leader, Clyde stepped right into it all! We are deeply touched by having 15 months to watch this guy in action and feel his sweet, sweet heart, too. Clyde "worked" at Glen Highland, taking his self assigned jobs seriously but he also shared an immense heart for loving the people he met, too. If there was a classic BC with the traits that everyone loves, Clyde was it - all rolled into one brilliant, focused, content and wise BC. We'll miss you 'big man'... more than you know!

Over the years, dogs have come to Glen Highland and some are very forceful in how they feel about the process of rescue... BO was one of those, clearly in command of what worked for him and what did not and being in a rescue filled with other seniors, was just not for him!

Thankfully, one of our long-time volunteers was on-site and kindly opened her home to him, joining GHF alums Cary, age 7 and Brock, age 9. Bo left Glen Highland with her soon after arrival at age 15 and now, five years later on 6/7/19, Bo passed to the other side, peacefully in her arms. No one would have imagined that he would live to age 20! But he most certainly did, on his terms, in his ways and with the person and dogs he would agree to - quite the character top to bottom - Bo left his mark and created a great journey for himself. A huge thanks to Cheryl Lewis who joined him for the whole ride...

Godspeed BO, we know you will land wherever you need to be in the way you want to do it!

FRANNIE, one of the sweetest little BCs ever, landed at Glen Highland in the Fall of 2016 and on 6/4/19, she returned to spirit as easily as she arrived in rescue. This bundle of joy loved her frisbee, joining in the action of other dogs and charming all the people she met in her time here. Frannie just loved life! Not a bad day came her way, not a hard stretch held her mind, not a worry ahead of what’s next, just signing up for everything with radiant JOY. We really should have given her the name JOY cause for sure, she came here to share that one quality above all else. We’ll miss this tiny girl but never, ever forget what she gave to all of us who met her and all who saw her face and looked into those eyes… gleaming with the abundance that life offers, no matter what comes! Thank you Frannie for the grand inspiration of HOW TO LIVE!

We are graced by special dogs at Glen Highland but every now and then, we get a chance to see them through the years…Flashy aka Buddy is one of those dogs.

We met him first at age 3, then again at age 5 and lastly at age 14... each time a change in home life led us to say hello again. While this seems so sad to know him through upheaval, we were so grateful to find him in our midst, solidly himself, again and again. However, Flashy succumbed to cancer late on Tuesday, 1/15/18 with symptoms that even he, as strong as he was, could not overcome. Thankfully, the illness took merely days of his normal life force energy rather than years so we know that Flashy lived with great enthusiasm back at Glen Highland for the five short months. Lots of car rides with our staff, special toys sent from people who loved him and angels who supported his care... Flashy aka Buddy got all he needed and set off peacefully back to spirit. Godspeed to one very, very special guy.

Saying GOOD-BYE to Brayden
September 2017 - November 2018

A little over a year ago, Brayden came to Glen Highland in very, very rough shape, found as a stray. His health transformed with attentive daily monitoring, barely out of human sight in order to assess his needs. He was extremely compromised and the process was VERY slow. While he made progress, he required numerous Cornell visits and special medications to help him, over and over again. One year later, Brayden looked amazing on the outside but his weakened internal state was still quite evident. The neurological aspect of his physical problems was worsening until he could no longer move his back legs in a forward direction at all. He was continually criss-crossing and flopping to the ground unable to move without dragging himself which led him to complete exhaustion. Since he had a mass in his lungs, a ‘bulla’, he was not a wheelchair candidate due to the pressure on his enlarged chest.

The BRAYDEN who had rallied so heroically for the past year hit his limit. We tearfully kissed this ‘teddy bear’ on the head and received sweet licks on the hand in a beautiful good-bye exchange. He had fulfilled his purpose of ‘heart work’ and was ready to let his broken body go.

For those who watched his story unfold at Glen Highland and those who met him in person, Brayden jumped deeply into hearts, joyfully adorable and playful and full of passion for life. We will all miss his magical spirit but know, for certain, he will return to grace more of humanity in a special way that is very much Brayden.

Our deepest thanks to Megan Horbury, our former Connor House Caretaker, who lived with Brayden so carefully attending to his every need, so mindful how critical his care needed to be. She never took her eyes off of this dog, making sure his body and soul were given everything. Their hearts will surely be forever joined.

August 2018

Everyone who was lucky enough to meet SHILO, instantly loved her and could feel just how spectacular she was - an amazing Border Collie and an amazing spirit within. We sadly said goodbye 2 1/2 years after she landed at GHF, losing her to a combination of health issues, at 14. Shilo was the quintessential brilliant, thoughtful, good-natured soul who lived every day as if it was the best, with more to come. Sweet, sweet, sweet and fun, fun, fun. She loved her frisbee and ball and a great outdoor exploration in the fields. She is one of the seniors who confirmed why the Senior Sanctuary is needed at GHF - where would she have been if not here, cast off as an unwanted breeding female, no longer wanted. We just cannot imagine a day not wanting to be with her…she will be sorely missed by all of us at GHF. We want to express our thanks to Roberta & Jonathan Bray who temporarily fostered her from spring to fall, giving her a very special experience of being the one and only special dog in their universe! When her health began to fail, she returned to GHF permanently.   What a gem…Godspeed Shilo…visit us again.

August 2018

Our spitfire, spunky girl LACEY left us, crossing into spirit in the middle of the night 8/30/18, quietly held as she passed, fully embraced in love and respect. Though we had expected one day that her seizures would take her, it was not that at all but a tumor rupture. A swift departure left little time for good-byes from the GHF staff that adored her but that was Lacey’s way…her terms…she lived ‘full throttle’ with her own agenda, in control of anything and everything that crossed her path…including her exit. We all loved that girl - the ‘office dog’ who set the standard for making the most of life - human or canine!

We’ll miss that bark and tail wag and pushy spirit that made us all chuckle…Love to ya Lacey…thanks for sharing that big hearted personality of yours with all of us. One year was too short to know you but it felt like a lifetime and we’ll never forget you.

April 2018

SMOKEY loved his life in the fosterer’s home, content with deep sleeps on a cozy bed, no longer living outside.  He finally had the comfort of a home that gave him great peace.  Today, however, it was his time to leave, suddenly unable to move, rigid with internal problems causing pain and distress.  There was only one appropriate option which was to let him find the ultimate peace back in spirit.  Held in the arms of his Foster Mom, Smokey crossed quickly.

He arrived in June 2017, so almost made a year in rescue.  His health blossomed as did his energy level, truly active as if the clock was turned back a few years.  He was a gloriously happy BC, with a love of balls of course and a love of attention…he will be so missed.

A huge thanks to Susan Monnelly, a former GHF Caretaker, who scooped up Smokey and provided him with a life of real love.

October 2017

The Senior Sanctuary at GHF is a very, very special part of rescue and often, while we help a dog heal, it’s really the dog who heals all those around them - this has been CASSY. We had the great honor of getting to know this girl and just months shy of 17, it was time to let her go. Arriving in a truly broken body, having endured the pain of a dislocated hip, she carried on to transform into a gorgeous, radiant girl.  Everyone who met her, whether it was staff or on tours, could not believe how much she was changing.  It’d been a year at GHF when the time grew near and Cassy spoke - “I’m very tired now, it’s time”.  

At GHF, we have the skill of animal communication to give us guidance so heard a bit more from this very seasoned gal.  She asked for a week to prepare, meeting person after person who had been a part of her life at GHF.  

“I’m not everybody’s dog but I have a message for everybody and I want to give it to them myself”, she said.

“I am an inspiration to each of them who have seen me remain undefeated.  I show them the strength in overcoming all odds, even at your lowest”.

“I came to be an inspiration”.

And, that she has been, through and through.  We know the healing of the land at GHF and the deep love of all the team here helped make that happen, but it was Cassy who felt the renewed energy lifting her back to a stronger self so she could leave in the very best state possible.  She left radiant, joyful and with all the essence of who she really was…a teacher, giving humans a picture of true courage and strength. Her beautiful nature was captured this September by photographer, Kelly Muller.

We will all going to miss this very marvelous girl but will not forget what we learned with her here. Godspeed Cassy and thank you.  

March 2017

A day of sadness, saying good-bye to THEO is also a day of celebration knowing that 1-1/2 years at GHF, so many of us got to meet this fantastic boy and watch him transform from a sad, confused fellow to a boldly happy, confident dog. Nearing 17, we are honored to have known Theo, a calm, graceful giant (part collie) roaming with the wildly busy Border Collies. Always good for a chuckle, Theo lumbered over to say hello to anyone with a treat and surveyed the land of active herding dogs, just keeping his own pace, enjoying the great outdoors at about half their speed. We’ll deeply miss his presence. There will never be another Theo. Godspeed big man.

THEO: A 15 year old Border Collie mix, this big boy (77 pounds!) is a gentle giant, so sweet and soulful, it makes you cry. He hasn’t had a great life with appropriate care, evidenced by his skin infection and horribly long nails but this boy is harboring no anger - he absolutely loves everyone. As only loving dogs can do, he thinks life is a-ok and he’s game for anything new! What a gem and what a special boy who clearly deserved a chance at better health and happiness. Theo has just come to GHF so will undergo complete vetting - his teeth are just awful and he needs serious attention to improve his health. His hair was a stinky, matted disgusting mess but now with his bath, he’s looking pretty grand! So, Theo will enjoy whatever days are ahead, however long, fully loved and cherished. He is a remarkable boy and we’re glad to be helping give him comfort and care, neither of which was ever provided properly before. He was abandoned at a MD shelter, with two other dogs. The shelter team reached out to GHF.

 January 2017

At 13, we said goodbye to CRISSY. Her seizures began increasing, causing confusion for her and extreme discomfort. This girl was not one to enjoy life without a clear focus on her mission! So, it was time to let her return to spirit.  

CRISSY was one of those Border Collies with mischief in her eyes. Yes, of course she was sweet and smart and gorgeous but there was a gleam in her eyes for sure! Well, little did we know that this girl was a food thief of magnificent proportions…ironically, her new home in the Farmhouse was the kitchen cause she needed her own space and a way to keep a close eye on her. Well, that watchful supervision failed numerous times when she stole:  

-Full plate of pasta and garlic bread
-Various half-finished plates of diinner or lunches
-Open and closed cans of dog food from the counter
-A can of vienna sausages - she actaully opened the flip top can
-Bag of smoked almonds
-Bag of senior dog vitamin chews
-Cheese and cracker plate
-Countless sandwiches
-Empty potato chip bags she would magically extract from the trash can
-Several jacket pockets
-Dishes and dog bowls out of the sink, she could remove a stack of 11 dog bowls out of the sink
-and a Xmas card from Lillie that must have had food smells on it 

As a testament to her brilliance and determination, she ’stole’ a grilled cheese off the counter today soon as the Caretaker exited the room!  You go Crissy, now you can nab anything you like since your spirit is faster than your body now!

Everyone at GHF will miss this wonderful girl and are so grateful to have had one year with her.


Little MISTY moved into spirit 11/25/16 as her cancer progressed and it was time to let her go. Misty’s previous guardian came to be with her in a poignant good-bye that we were pleased to make possible. Both Misty and her adopter had been parted due to illness but in this very important moment, they had time together for final whispers and sweet touching that was their own intimate connection of sharing love. A tearful experience for them and for those of us who humbly watch it unfold.  Godspeed Misty, you did great work helping your humans.

Little MISTY, now at age 12 is back at GHF due to an illness with her guardian. She is a scared little girl, pretty much like she was the day she left us in 2013 however she is adjusting well, enjoying her ‘job’ watching all the other dogs and giving them a loud bark or two! Misty has a safe little world in the Farmhouse Senior Sanctuary which suits her beautifully. She’ll be with us til her own illness overcomes her. Upon return, we found a hard mass in her abdomen which has been removed and diagnosed as mammary cancer. The cancer has spread into her vascular system, giving her only a short time left. We are happy to make this sweet girl as content as possible in her final days.

There are many hellos and many goodbyes at GHF but in the Farmhouse Senior Sancutary, this weekend touched us all so deeply as we took a final trail walk with Annie, saying goodbye to one of the great ones. Her quality of life had diminished significantly, leaving her with less strength to carry on. She told us it was time to go.

Annie was plain and simple - one of the greatest to land here. Just shy of age 14, she graced us with her presence for 1 1/2 years, relinquished directly to GHF. This magnificent, brilliant BC was full of spunk with a focused presence that said, ‘my way or the highway’! Thankfully, Annie loved including people in ‘her way’, happy for a serious ball toss game or some scratches around the ears. She greeted dozens of vacationing dog lovers on the weekly tours each summer, proving just how special senior Border Collies really can be. Annie had an important message for everyone - “live life with intention; do what you love and share your heart”. She loved her time at GHF, giving her purpose and satisfaction as a messenger of great wisdom.

We heard you Annie…we thank you for all you shared with us and everyone so very, very lucky to have met you. And, an incredibly huge thanks to you for helping so many of the newbie seniors who learned the ropes living with you. They felt your strength which gave them great hope to carry on through some tough transitions… a petite powerhouse as strong as could be - for humans and canines alike -

Godspeed sweet one. (2016)


A wise matriarch of dogs, JENNEY carried the secrets of balancing chaos all so well as she lived with a disorderly life of the Sprakers NY backyard breeder mess, mother to many of the pups and adults stranded there.   Along with 46 Border Collies, Jenney gained her freedom with the confiscation event in January 2014. Thankfully, she found peace at GHF, enjoying the country setting, being fully loved and cared for properly.  She left us today, July 3rd, from neurological problems from which she could not recover. We are so grateful that she had 2 1/2 years of nurturing, tailored just to her needs. Whatever worked to give Jenney happiness, was done at GHF. She, like all those mistreated sweet dogs, deserved better so we are grateful we could play a small part in her life to give her so much more than she ever had.  A wise soul, Jenney managed more around her than most humans do in a lifetime.  Godspeed Jenney. (2016)

It’s only fitting to make the announcement today - JENNEY, a former Sprakers BC - is home. She is now OURS! One year after Jenney was freed from the living hell of an uncaring, awful life, she clearly needs to be at GHF.  She is safely thriving with a simpler life with few people and the consistency of easy seniors that she likes and knows.  This very unhealthy, scared, shut down dog transformed into a radiant, curious, beautiful girl however she has lots of worries and often feels she must defend herself with strangers and new situations.  We completely understand how her abusive former life would have created anxieties and reactions that make it hard for her to handle much.  So, we’re celebrating today because at GHF, we can provide her with exactly is what is ENOUGH, Jenney style…enough love, enough great food, enough fun and action and most importantly, with ENOUGH COMMITTMENT to her total well-being and happiness.  She, like every other dog from this Sprakers mess, truly deserves the best.  Jenney is happy and we’re happy to have her with us til the end of her life.

Thank you all for caring about the Sprakers dogs and making it possible for them to have new lives

JENNEY: An 12 year old Border Collie, Jenney is a real love, just all about being the center of attention and sharing her heart.She is smart as can be and eager to join in whatever is going on around her. Jenney can also be a bit timid at first so does well when someone is patient and not overwhelming so she trusts it’s ok to be herself. Speaking to her in a gentle voice calms any worries and she’s as sweet as can be.  She loves to take walks and check out the great outdoors, trotting along on her own or with her person.  As her Foster Mom says, Jenney is a very spunky gal with a big heart, like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.  She’s happy to have a cozy warm indoor life now, snuggling and also out sniffing around the great outdoors! Jenney was one of the 46 confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs so had a hard life living outside 24/7 without human interaction. She now clearly cherishes all that humans can give and has blossomed beautifully.  Jenney loves her puzzle toys and will take on the challenge to figure out whatever is asked of her. She is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Jenney could live with an easy going submissive male BC or as a solo dog. Jenney will only be placed in an adult home with a hard fenced yard. She will do best with patient guardians who understand her skittish nature.

Life is full of joyful and painful experiences and at GHF, we face this every single day. The hello of a new Border Collie expectedly looking for the next step…the goodbye of one barely here long enough to share their wisdom…everyone here opens their hearts fully knowing that we never know what’s ahead…happiness or sadness. Stella brought us both.

Stella shared pure love and pure light. We wish, for selfish reasons, her body had been able to hang on longer so we could have walked in her grace longer but it was not meant to be. She renewed her strength in one week here, living inside, treated with the dignity she deserved and barely had a full trot around the Farm before she was in crisis with bloat. We pulled her through one episode and during the night, she bloated again. Our vet suspects a tumor, possibly related to the massive tumor on her leg. Surgery was not an option.

Today is far emptier without Stella who instantly grabbed us all with her ‘old soul’ energy, truly a ‘Buddha dog’ with so much deep understanding. To us on the outside, her life looked like a hell with no freedom, no care and no love which of course is the truth of what she experienced. However, spending a moment with Stella in deep heart connection, that is not the truth of who she was at all. She had focus and contentment and a richness about the earth and all the real truths. She was grounded in herself and her own journey.

Only Stella knows all that she accomplished in her life…perhaps she was the steady influence of sweetness and love for children also improperly cared for…perhaps she was the soft fur and quiet love for an adult in deep distress over life…perhaps she was the only constant to a crazy, chaotic household where living inside would have been far worse…we’ll never fully know but for sure, without a doubt, we know that Stella gave fully to each of us the minute she met us and that gift from her, no matter how long we experienced her giving it, is forever.

Stella is a soaring spirit now.
We are all grateful to have walked by her side, no matter how short the time.
Thank you Stella for coming to visit us and share your truth. You are amazing. (2016)

ROLLIE had been doing well at GHF, blossoming into a super happy, healthier dog. However, he came in with an underlying urinary issue that was finally diagnosed - bladder cancer. Sadly, there are no curative approaches once the disease is advanced as it was with him. We said goodbye today, 5/19/16, only six short weeks after he arrived. This very sweet, amazing dog had a magnetic presence. His last day at the Farm was filled with radiant picture-perfect moments where Rollie shone as bright as the sun. His energy while still in the physical, was that of spirit… a spiritual being readying for his return ‘home’. He shared his message: “Join us as spiritual walkers, side by side on a passage together, on earth and in spirit”. Death is how energy transforms. We are then spiritual partners working with you from the other side”.

Another humbling experience from a sage teacher we were lucky enough to know - godspeed Rollie. Thank you for coming. (2016)

ROLLIE: An 11 year old Border Collie, this handsome fella is also as sweet as he is good-looking! Just a wonderful nature. He came to the Farmhouse Sanctuary due to a divorce leaving the only home he’s known but slid right into the new life with ease. Happy to hang on the couch, meet the other seniors and enjoy lots of cuddling time as well as exploring outside! Rollie loves the great outdoors, going for walks and hanging with his person, an amicable boy.  He is good with cats and weighs 40 pounds. He previously lived in NJ but was being left alone all day which was not what his guardians felt was right since he’d always been with someone


SPIRIT: A 13 year old Border Collie, Spirit came to GHF once her guardian moved to assisted living since she could no longer care for herself. Spirit became her companion about 7 years ago and now, for the 2nd time, was in need of another home. Her guardian’s daughter brought Spirit to GHF, hoping perhaps she could find happiness at the Farm or in another home. However, it wasn’t destined to be. Spirit’s age had overcome her with cancerous masses, severe spondylosis, bladder stones and bad arthritis, making it hard for her to be mobile. While most of her medical needs could be overcome at a younger age, the recovery at this age prevented surgery. Pain medication was the only option.

Within days of arrival, it was clear Spirit had made her own decision about the next step and was ready to cross onto the other side, with peace and grace, letting go of her troubled body. We wished she could have rallied for more time at the Farm but it wasn’t meant to be. Spirit sailed back to spirit, sharing a lovely lick of thanks on our hands as she said goodbye. Such a magnificent exit marked a life well lived. (2016)

Fall 2015, Mav on the go at 13!

Maverick loved his foster time finding the smallest dog bed to call his own! and becoming quite the squeaky ball boy! He’s back at the Farm cause the urban setting and construction sounds made him too nervous.  He’s a country BC!

We said goodbye to MAVERICK after two years of being the ‘office dog’ at GHF.  He gained that important title since he would not happily accept other dogs around and needed his own space but over time as we grew to know him, we realized he was the master of his own fate. The humans around were mere pawns that he played only too well! More than having his own space, it was Mav’s way or the highway.  This opinionated, willful fellow crept into everyone’s hearts at such a deep level, truly gaining our love and more importantly, our respect, that losing him at almost age 15, was just too soon.  Bring on that stubborn Border Collie with the great mind… we’d eagerly sign up for another 15 years!!  This one time stray graced us with the lesson of a lifetime - be brave, be strong and stand for who you are, no matter what - yup, that was Mav. One of a kind. Sorely missed. Always holding a special place at GHF.  Thanks for visiting us ‘big fella’..come again anytime you like…we’ll be waiting.  We completely understand. (2016)

Amazing, brilliant MAVERICK surprised us with a spinal stroke the week of January 19th so we’re helping him recover to full use of his back legs. Unable to walk at all just days ago, he is now doing really really well!!! Since Mav has a new health challenge, he’s going to stay at GHF to live out his life - we just love this incredible boy - and know that his strength and will to ‘see the world’ will help him recover full use of his physical body. Such a majestic Border Collie, we are humbled by Maverick. Special thanks to Dr. Paul Bookbinder in Syracuse who really saved the day for Maverick.

MAVERICK: A 13 year old Border Collie, Maverick is a character - he is a strong willed guy who likes to check out everything going on around him!  He loves exploring outside to see where the Farm dogs are going and will happily trot along to join them, all about the action.  He is very athletic and loves his squeaky ball. He’s an engaging BC with plenty of spunk, a bit like the old style BC's from working farms who know how to think and observe and use their minds non-stop, very curious and ready to be a part of everything….he's quite special. Maverick is easy going but certainly a 'young senior' so would love a life where he has 'work' to do, hanging with his person.  He is about 50 pounds. He was a stray in PA, found matted, dirty and truly a mess. He is not good with cats.

We said goodbye to TRIPPER friday 2/26/16, a gentle old soul with a depth all his own. At age 13, he thoroughly enjoyed the Farm and the glorious days outside on jaunts around the field, eagerly greeting all who came in the gate, Tripper was clearly on his own journey. He was his own dog with his own point of view and when the time came to go, he let us know.  His work was now to be on the other side, crossing into spirit.  We are deeply grateful to have had time to know him, albeit only 9 months but nonetheless, very meaningful and touching.  A magical Border Collie on this side and on the other, Godspeed Tripper onto your next mission.  

TRIPPER, a petite 13 yr old border collie, this sweet marvelous boy is coming to life at GHF, blossoming into a state of happiness that makes us all smile! We’d like to keep it simple and allow him to continue this path, enjoying the freedom of a gorgeous green yard; lots of BC buddies and a loving Caretaker totally focused on his Tripper is going to become a Farmhouse Sanctuary resident! Welcome home Tripper… we’re all so happy to have you stay…a charmer this boy, clearly in need of TLC and the entire GHF team is more than happy to give him just that!

TRIPPER: A petite 12 1/2 year old Border Collie, this is one sweet, clever boy who is starting to enjoy the new experiences he’s finding at GHF. Tripper is quite a charmer, with a gentle way about him, asking for a bit of attention and then exploring his new surroundings - other senior buddies and a Caretaker who is very attentive to his every need. This all seems to be suiting him well. His daily accidents in his previous house are now gone and the routine of in and out during the day seems to suit him. Tripper’s got a bounce to his step and a little mischief in his eyes so we’re hoping he really blossoms at the Farmhouse. He is about 40 pounds and goods with cats. He’s passed all his vetting diagnostics with flying colors so he could easily be adopted. Tripper has lived in one home since a pup but his age plus aging parents, made it too hard to care for all of them, so Tripper needed to find safe haven in rescue. His previous NY guardian felt GHF was perfect for him.

At age 16, there is only one word that embodies the best goodbye to Jack and that is CELEBRATION…Jack landed at GHF 3 1/2 years ago and was clearly determined to live a big life at GHF and that he did! He became the icon for what the Farmhouse Sanctuary could be for so many Border Collies in need.

Extremely emaciated upon arrival and suffering from heartworm, he looked awful but nothing stopped this boy from transforming into a handsome, completely content character that graced the yard day in and day out. Jack was the star of the vacation tours and won the hearts of all the team here. He set the example of what true healing could mean to each and every dog that came to GHF. And, like any brilliant Border Collie, he wasn’t without his opinions about how things should run, giving a growl or grimace to anyone that was out of line, (in his opinion.) Jack would never hurt anyone but he did run the place, after all, so had to show that wisdom to all of us, just to be clear! He helped newbie dogs get grounded in their new surroundings, showing them the ropes and he shared his special strength to ‘continue on’, focused on the work of being a Border Collie.

Jack was a great ambassador of all that is this breed. Everyone loved this boy, a one-of-a-kind spectacular being with so much gusto, we know he’ll be back for another round one day! We’d all love to spend time with him again, soon. The reality of his deteriorating heart didn’t stop him from making it to 16 so we know that whatever Jack wants, Jack will make happen!

See you soon…we’ll be here at the Farm waiting for you. (2016)

JACK: A 16 yr old Border Collie, Jack is so cool - he loves life - running, chasing, exploring, playing ball, greeting everyone with his distinctive bark. He adores people and will take all the attention and affection you are willing to give.  Jack is a trooper for sure, he sailed through his heartworm treatment – his attitude was and is- that everyday is a day to be lived and enjoyed. We're thrilled to have Jack here at the Farm, a great inspiration to everyone. He is smart, super sweet, ready to stay by your side, in tune with you and sharing his heart and his goofy smile. This incredible boy is agile and active even with some bum back legs (from falling in a hole years ago). He loves toys of any kind and will happily entertain himself if you are busy. He is fine with cats. Jack came to GHF after his VA guardians foreclosure. He was father to many litters over the years.  

One of the great characters of the Farm left us today, peacefully crossing over to the spirit side. A huge personality at GHF, he will be surely missed cause no one could make us all smile like Toby! This old boy crossed the yard so fast for food, everyone had to chuckle with those long non-BC ears flapping high and mighty! Not a toy boy, he was a foodie through and through so today’s departure was filled with pizza, a burger, cookies and lots of yummy treats which he devoured. This one of a kind charmer gained back his health in the year at the Farm but there was no turning back the clock of aging. Godspeed TOBY!!! (2016)

TOBY, a 14 yr old bc mix, has grown into a gorgeous, healthy, joyful boy so we know he’s happier in life than ever before but we’re seeing this sweet guy start to really slow down. Our vacation camp just started and Toby is no longer enthusiastic with his grand hellos to new people, like he used to be. That has us feeling it’s time to let him know he’s officially home! While all seniors who come to the GHF Farmhouse Sanctuary can stay forever, some clearly arrive and are ready and raring for a new life where they are in the spotlight. So, in they come and out they go, no matter their age! Others, we wait to see what they want and then decide, WITH them. Toby is one of those where he arrived in December 2014 in such horrible shape, we wanted to see how things unfolded. He’s a handsome guy now, finally living in a home where his meals are always certain and the love flows his way day in and day out. SOOOOOO, WELCOME HOME TOBY…you’re now an official GHF resident! Life unfed in an outside pen is a long long ago piece of your history!

Sweet, loving MICKEY quietly rested before leaving us today from an illness from which he could not recover. Countless diagnostics and treatments at Cornell yielded no results as Mickey weakened. He suffered from PLE, Protein Loosing Enteropathy, causing severe intestinal problems, unable to hold in any nutrition. His system rejected all the treatments that were tried and his condition worsened.

Mickey graced us with such joy, chasing any ball or frisbee endlessly. He loved swimming in the creek. He loved greeting every guest who came through the gate at GHF. He will be so missed…a truly loving, wonderful Border Collie. We are all forever changed by his generous spirit. Godspeed Mickey…please come again. We only knew you for a short while but we’ll know you forever. (2016)

Today started like any other but for ACE, it was his last day at the Farm. A hidden tumor led to the emergency run to the vet, revealing the end was near. Ever strong in spirit, ACE left us in great grace. Certain senior Border Collies come to the Farmhouse with real character, willing to show us exactly what they need to be happy and Ace was one of those strong-willed, spunky guys. He landed at GHF 15 months ago, a bit confused but searching for his next step. As we grew to know him, his true nature surfaced and this gorgeous boy turned into being in charge, happy to control the other dogs and step into being the boss. We chuckled watching this boy unfold, proud and happy of his leadership style! He managed other dogs with one helluva stare or herded them right into the corner, holding them til the Farmhouse Caretaker saved them…Ace meant business. Today, he carried on with that same will, with a clearcut goodbye, fast and peaceful so he could be on his way. This wonderful boy will be missed, a true one- of a kind Border Collie. (2015)

ACE: A 11 year old Border Collie, ACE is such a wonderful guy, with the sweetest nature! Ace loves tennis balls and really any toy you toss for him - he goes to pick up a toy before heading outside so it’s handy for that game of fetch. After a few tosses and some happy ‘woo woo’ howls, he loves to walk with you, or explore the yard on his own. Ace has a great recall! Indoors he’s very content to hang out with you, such an easy-going guy! He “aced” his heartworm treatment and is ready to enjoy a loving, happy life with someone special. Ace is 45 pounds, he is not good with cats and would do best as an only dog. He was a stray in Pennsylvania, landing in a shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

We knew the day would come when 15 year old Bentley would say good-bye. This remarkably gentle, innocent soul arrived almost three years ago, in very, very rough shape from a life left outside, eating horrible food without proper vet care.  His lot in life was a sad one.

However, once he was given loving care and proper medical treatment, this boy blossomed, step by step.  Countless pictures capture that inner sweetness, just content to happily accept whatever life sent his way but saying good-bye left us with an even greater sense of how he really transformed. 

Bentley matured and found his place on earth, where he deeply shared his heart with our Senior Caretaker, allowing him to finally find fulfillment with a caring human. This beautiful canine/human connection changed Bentley as it did our Caretaker and all of us who got to witness this transformation.  He finally belonged WITH someone.  His happiness inside shown outside.

Bentley left us with the wisdom of the heart and the real gift of seeing how love changes everything.  He is proof that the simple act of truly joining with another, is a sacred experience, TOGETHER.  Thank you Bentley for all the grace you shared with those who watched you.  What a gem.  What a teacher. The “Buddha dog” - that’s you, now and forever. (2015)

BENTLEY: A 14 year old Border Collie mix, Bentley is not only adorable, he is a character, about as charming as any dog who has ever landed at GHF. He absolutely loves to say hello to everyone. He parades around with a nylabone or a ball in his mouth, happy as can be, tail always wagging. This is one easy-going boy! He is definitely people-oriented and likes to follow you around and be close to you. Bentley is delightfully curious, taking in new things with wide-eyed wonder, very puppy-like. He is enjoying the freedom of the yard and meeting other dogs.  Bentley is great with other dogs but can get overwhelmed by numbers and strong personalities so would prefer more one on one attention from his person. He is fine with cats.

Bentley came to GHF when his NY guardian landed in the hospital with a terminal disease.  He lived outside all his life with two other dogs. With laser treatment and anti- inflammatory meds, Bentley's degenerative disc disease can be managed.  Aside from this challenge, he is in good health with solid bloodwork, thyroid testing and urinalysis - a full geriatric screen gave him a good bill of health. Bentley is about 40 pounds. 


A very sad day at the Farm 12/27/14, saying good-bye to Lacie. Unexpected seizures and a supposed mast cell tumor out of nowhere, finally led to the end. We valiantly spent whatever we could the last 24 hours in hopes to pull off a miracle cause Lacie still had so much life to live. She had recently rallied from her kidney problems so we had high hopes, however seems more illness was lurking. So, it was only fair to let her go, releasing her troubled body.  Today’s good-bye at the vet was incredibly tough as her tail wagged non-stop, even while laying on her side, only a bit of spunk left but, there she was still showing that remarkable spirit to the end.  This little powerhouse ran the Farm yard, herding everyone and keeping track of everything going on…we just loved this girl. A short 10 months with us, she’s one who clearly left her mark here. Lots of love to Lacie…so sorry it was so soon.  We already miss you.

Well! New news on Lacie that we are pleased to report…she’s not out of the woods but she does NOT have cancer!  Lacie has a massive kidney infection stemming from an e-coli infection that is extremely resistant to normal antibiotics.  The specialists were stunned by the culture results and informed us that the infection is so bad, it’s typical that a kidney is removed,  however that can’t happen for Lacie since it’s both of her kidneys.  We will now start an aggressive protocol with a special ‘cocktail’ of antibiotics administered at the hospital. Please keep Lacie in your thoughts and prayers as this little girl now has a fighting chance of many years ahead !!

LACIE An 11 year old Border Collie, Lacie is the cutest thing. She's got plenty of spunk and total confidence about everything she wants to do and willingly checks out the world as if she can handle it all! She's a classic BC. One of the reasons she's so secure in her own way of handling the world is because she did in fact work on a sheep farm, so her brilliance was put to good use. Lacie is good with other dogs and likes her ball games, too!  She found herself without a home when her guardian aged so his grandson was selling her for $50 since she was old.  Lacie lived outside all her life but is loving the Farmhouse Sanctuary, happy to be warm and cozy. She has perfect manners and such a friendly personality, it's hard to imagine anyone parting with these really wonderful girl. Fortunately, we were able to bring her into rescue at GHF. She is not good with cats.

Jesse left us today (8/26/14) from cancer and though her return to the Farm was only a bit over a month, we know this girl was in charge til the very end. A strong willed character with tons of spunk, Jessie had a big purpose while on earth…both guardians, the first 9 years ago and then in 2014, were elderly people who passed on, leaving her homeless. If you knew Jesse, you would know that she did her job well, giving each of these guardians the true love she had to offer. Jesse was one steadfast focused girl when it came to being with her person…on task, she was side by side, ready to assist in whatever way they needed. .sometimes being their true friend, other times being the mischief maker who made them laugh… no matter what there will never be another Jesse. She lived a life of purpose, in her own style. She’ll never be forgotten and we’re sure on the other side, she’ll be marching to the drum she calls her own, ready for her next assignment. Godspeed Jesse.

JESSE, now at age 12, finds herself returning to GHF due to the illness of her guardians. She’s spent 8 years side by side with her FurMom and her daughter, both of which had to go to assisted living  and hospice situations.  They cherished this petite little girl and were so comforted to know that Jesse had a safe place to go at GHF.  Sweet Jesse did her best work all these years as their dearest friend, day by day, moment by moment, loving them and giving them so much joy.  We hope that Jesse decides to share her wonderful nature here, yet again, as she did back in 2006.  She will stay at the Farm for the remainder of her life.  Upon return, she was happy to say hello the many seniors in the Farmhouse Sanctuary and settled in, thinking through this big transition.  We will do all we can to make her feel wanted and welcome, again. 

BELLA had to leave us, after her bout with an aggressive cancerous process. This darling girl charmed everyone who met her, leaving us all at a loss with her passing. She clearly loved people and they loved her, equally the same. (2014)

BELLA: A gorgeous 10 year old, Bella is the name that describes this wonderful girl - she is a delightful bell of the ball! Happy to meet everyone with a tail wag and big hello, she makes friends instantly.  For Bella, people are her main focus along with some ball and frisbee play which she just loves.  Everything about Bella is the classic BC - brilliant, sweet, athletic and good natured - however Bella has a special need - she has anxiety when left alone.  She was adopted two years ago and returned due to her panic when left. She is doing beautifully at the Farm where someone can be with her all the time. However, the sad news is that Bella now has cancer. We removed a mammary mass upon her return and had hoped it it would not reoccur but it has, unfortunately.  Bella will remain at the Farm to keep her as comfortable as possible. 

It is very common for female dogs to develop mammary tumors when spaying is done late in life. We see this happen all the time, some masses are benign, some not but almost all the older females need surgery to be sure.

We said goodbye to sweet CHARLIE, knowing that we had to make the tough decision best for his quality of life. Charlie's backend had always been extremely weak so a simple tumble off the ramp left him weakened and unable to stand up without assistance.  A week of pain meds didn't help so it was important to give Charlie a peaceful exit without causing him frustration and pain.  We will miss this character - a BC boy with a personality all his own - Charlie only did what Charlie wanted to do which included a great non-stop stroll through the farmyard.  He wouldn't allow any physical touching or help when he'd get stuck while investigating the yard since this boy had his own will to do it 'his way'.  Godspeed to Charlie and a huge thanks for spending time with us at the Farm…we are always changed by those that grace us with their presence.  

FROM JOYCELENE, the senior farmhouse caretaker: I'll miss this boy, he was a big presence here in the Farmhouse. He was willful, stubborn and grumpy but somehow it worked for Charlie, because I became very fond of him. (2013)

CHARLIE: A 12 year old Border Collie, Charlie is a sweet guy who is quite the thinker, making sense of all these dogs and all these new people. He likes the company of people, wanting to be near you inside or following you around outside. Though he's a more conservative boy, needing time to reflect and take in his surroundings, when he warms up, it's a gift that will make you smile, he loves to give gentle kisses on your hands. Charlie is a doll and at this age, doing beautifully with all this change especially considering he rarely left home and he never went to a vet. Charlie enjoys meeting all the other BCs and seems pretty content with all these new friends. Charlie is ok with dog saavy cats. His PA guardian had to move to assisted living, leaving Charlie in need of help.  Family members stepped in, contacting GHF for help.

We said good-bye to Jasmine today, due to organ failure. At 13, she'd almost made a full year with us but no matter how long the time we had, we're all grateful to have met her…such a marvelous, spunky, fun filled girl…a classic Border Collie brain with all the gusto and focus that goes along with the breed.  Imagining Jasmine in her younger days was easy cause as a senior, she was so full of drive to go!   She met numerous summer vacationers as they came up for a GHF Tour and got to see just how special the seniors all were, playing, racing and running in the Farm yard.  She was the perfect diplomat for all that makes Border Collies special.  She will be sorely missed but has left the Farm with her special energy and we are honored to have had her at the Farmhouse Sanctuary, sharing her heart with so many. (2014)

JASMINE: A 12 year old Border Collie, Jasmine is a love and a major ball girl! She's just adorable, full of spunk and sweet as can be, happy to hang with the dogs or people and most happy, going for that ball! She's got a lot of focus and intensity when the ball comes out but otherwise, she's just one happy go-lucky, friendly, loving girl. This is one very special BC with lots of love to give and truly a treasure to be around. Jasmine is about 60 pounds but will trim up now that she's getting proper exercise again. Her former guardian died, leaving Jasmine with nowhere to go so she was abandoned at a PA shelter. Fortunately, the shelter works with GHF and asked us for help.  She is good with cats. Jasmine needs a ranch style home since her backend is a bit weak, making a lot of stairs too challenging.

All the dogs in rescue are sweet as can be but sometimes, there will be one or two that are just remarkable and that was CODEY. We lost him to a tumor ‘bleed-out’ today. Up until the last few hours, he still had that special charm all his own, with a big grin that made everyone feel happy and content. THAT was Codey’s teaching…to show all the humans he met, that life was really about being happy - ‘take it as it comes’ - was an expression that suited Codey well. Always even-tempered, content and sweet as can be with a bit of mischief in his eyes, Codey will be sorely missed by all of us at GHF. Only back with us for four short months, he’s left a lasting impression. In fact, campers on this past saturday’s tour were so taken by Codey, he was the hit of the Farmhouse seniors. A final blast to share his heart…we get it Codey and we love you for helping us all feel the truth about life! . (2014)

CODEY, a 13 yr old bc mix,  is a gentle soul, truly such a doll and could easily join people who love a sweet character with lots of love to give. He just radiates when with people and everyone is drawn to him!  Codey is like the 'rock' who hangs by your side, letting you know that all is well, no matter what unfolds.  He is a very special GHF dog, having endured nine years of challenges due to family allergies, financial problems and then divorce. He and Kirke deserve another chance to share their hearts with someone new.

As with all seniors, we have done diagnostic work to insure they are healthy  -  dental procedures and had bloodwork, thyroid and urine checks so we appreciate the angel support.

Sweet, majestic, graceful BLAZE left us on 9/26/13 due to the bad news of spleenic tumors. We awoke with a trip to the vet, not knowing today would end with his departure but once the facts were clear, it was time to let him pass peacefully. We have been so touched by this gorgeous Border Collie, only with us 6 months since his person passed. About to turn 14 in November, Blaze is now in spirit, side by side with the woman who completely cherished him and made sure he had a safe place to be, upon her death. She willed him to the Farm and knew he would be well cared for.  We loved knowing you Blaze…the perfect senior, brilliant and beautiful…godspeed Blaze, rejoining the one he loved.

BLAZE: A 13 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Blaze is wonderful boy with the thoughtful traits we see in the seniors, quality BC's bred years ago. Not chaotic or confused, he's intelligent, watchful and tuned in to everything going on around him, ready to understand what he needs to do…the kind of Border Collie that has a good mind and composed nature. Blaze is delightful and responsive to people, friendly and loving. He is handling this big change pretty well, enjoying all the Farmhouse Sanctuary seniors who find themselves in a new life, too.  His tail wags happily as he greets others and is learning to get around the Farm. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds.  His PA guardian died recently, leaving provisions for him to come to GHF since she'd been a supporter for many years and knew he would be safe in good hands here. We are very happy to have Blaze with us.

We had to say good-bye to JASPER today due to organ failure. This wonderful boy was happily cruising around the Farm this weekend but failing on Monday. His incredible sweet nature caught everyone’s attention as he joined the Sanctuary gang as if he’d lived here all his life. Only with us a short time, we’re grateful to have met this remarkable boy. (2014)

JASPER: A 14 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Jasper is a charmer! He’s an easy boy to enjoy and he thinks the Farmhouse Sanctuary is just the best!  He happily relaxes inside and then explores with gusto outside, just going everywhere to check out everything! Jasper joined the Farmhouse gang like he’d lived here all his life. He’s a super sweet boy who loves attention and loves to pass along his gentle, loving nature to everyone he meets! He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. He was placed into a home by a PA shelter and then returned a few years later when his guardian died. At age 14, we feel he doesn’t need to be moved anywhere again. 

Sweet COVE left us today (5/29/14) with a sudden internal problem that made it clear it was time to let him pass.  This lovely, gentle soul was only at the Farm for a few months but charmed everyone with his wonderful nature. Content to trot along in the yard, he never missed a beat to take in all that was around, alert and content to 'see the world'. At almost 15, we're all grateful we had a chance to meet him and no matter how short the time together, we will never forget him Cove was one of the sweetest Border Collies to grace the Farmhouse Sanctuary.

COVE: A 14 year old Border Collie, this boy is a doll. He's curious and loves to explore, trotting around the Farm, checking everything out. Inside he's the same, boldly heading right up the steps to see where our Caretaker has gone!  Cove is a gentle guy with a super sweet nature, clearly a people dog.  We're working through his health needs, included recently diagnosed anaplasmosis and other medical concerns and will update his bio as we know more. We hope he can have a few years ahead at the Sanctuary, enjoying all the Farm has to offer!  He came to GHF from a Massachusetts guardian who had him 6 months, taking him from someone else who could no longer keep him

Dogs teach us about living in the present and if we can do this, life will reward us tenfold. Here is Casey at 3pm on Tues, happy, scenting in the air, enjoying a roll in the grass, truly loving life. That is how Casey WAS. At 6pm, he was in the throws of a tumor ‘bleed-out’ where clearly whatever had been brewing inside was now overtaking him. We allowed Casey to pass in peace, with great love and respect for this remarkable boy. There will never be another Casey..he came to us at 13 yrs old, almost a year ago to the day…such a spirit, such spunk, such reverence for life and clearly, a dog on a mission…whatever he wanted, he went for it! Oh Casey, we thank you for showing us the truth of a good life, a full life and a celebration of life! Godspeed Casey..we will sorely miss you.

A grand hooray for YOU….and lots of love sent with you to spirit. (2014)

CASEY: A petite 14 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Casey is a character. He's lived on a farm all his life, having the delight of herding livestock long ago so is pretty much an independent fellow who likes action. He thinks people are just fine, too, of course but he's looking for his job to do! He's still got the focused 'bc eye', though now, his eyesight is a bit different as is his hearing however his desire to be in the middle of everything, is still strong as ever. He's focused on the dogs as they race around the Farm, as well as his frisbee and ball, eager to jump into the fun. This friendly boy lived in one home since a pup, living outside in a pen except when working but as he aged, so did his guardian who then had no need for him. Casey came to GHF from NY. He is not good with cats but certainly still loves his frisbee and ball!!! He is about 40 pounds.

SKIP headed out on the trails and loved them, ball in mouth of course!

Thanks to Linda Whitman, Skip is resting happily on a brand new bed just for him! and his tennis ball, of course!

We said goodbye to the sweetest senior SKIP! Just four months shy of being 17, this boy lived a joyful life! He loved being outdoors and loved playing with his ball, totally focused on having fun. His boundless spirit overcame a weak backend til the very end, willing to drag himself as far as he could just to get yet another ball toss! He slowed down significantly in his final months but never lost that spark that we’ll always know as special just to Skip…a brilliant wise boy who loved life on earth! His eyes twinkled with mischief, waiting to see what he could uncover each day….we all loved having you here, giving us almost 2 years of laughs and wisdom. Catch that ball Skip….you can easily soar. (2014)

SKIP is a marvelous 16 year old Border Collie and we're honored to have him here! Oh boy is he sweet, fun and full of spunk!!!! A true testament to the fact that BC's age beautifully. Bright-eyed as ever, Skip is trotting around the Farm having a blast exploring. And, he was the first senior to decide that digging a snow-stuck tennis ball, was worth his time and of course, it was! He's a ball boy for sure.

Skip is enjoying life inside the warm Farmhouse Sanctuary now, something he has NEVER done before. He was tied outside all his life, nothing any of us would want to see happen. However, he was loved and there were grandkids in the family who played with him all the time. Skip rode in the pick-up truck as his FurDad's best friend.

We are absolutely thrilled to have SKIP here and surely hope he decides that a couple more years of life is his to enjoy. His vet work looks good so far, amazingly good. We'll do everything possible to enhance Skip's health and new life at the Farm. He is a resident Sanctuary BC, sharing his amazing spirit with everyone who visits.   More updates to come on SKIP...the Senior Elder of the gang now here. 

Skip's person could no longer care for him so he was abandoned in a shelter in PA that works with GHF.