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Listening to your dog

Imagine if you had a way to really understand your dog better? A way to find out information when you are confused by certain behaviors or a way to hear what your dog really wants or needs or enjoys in living with you?

This is very possible with the skills of an animal communicator. Using highly developed intuitive skills, an animal communicator converses with the animal you love and passes the information onto you. This is invaluable in building a stronger, deeper relationship.

If your dog is a member of your family, why wouldn't you want to better understand what they think?

While dogs may not speak words or seem to think complex thoughts like you do, they are not that different at all. They have real feelings and experience every aspect of your life, it’s just from their perspective, not yours. So, they require that you stretch a bit in order to hear them. They are connected to you all the time and happy to talk if you want to listen. In fact, you’re probably hearing them a lot right now but might not trust that’s the case or know when it’s happening.

Animal communication is the bridge between you and your dog!

If you’d like to explore questions you have, consider a private session with Lillie Goodrich, co-founder of Glen Highland, a rescue sanctuary. She spends her life listening to the dogs in the rescue program and those that visit with adopters. Her entire focus, 24/7, is tuning into dogs. Since childhood she's connected to animals and as an adult, Lillie has fostered close to 500 dogs, many in need of special help due to past neglect or trauma where she acts as the bridge to reconnect with loving humans.

Lillie's talents have allowed her to successfully find new lives for all the dogs. She also continually talks her own family dogs. She works with clients across the country in animal communication sessions, on the phone or in person.

She studied in Advanced Inter species Communication with renown telepathic communicator, Penelope Smith and has been an Intuitive Coach for the last 3 years, helping individuals trust and develop their own intuitive guidance. Her book, The Little Book of Everyday Soul, has been well received and helpful to many people.

Sessions are 30 minutes by phone for $80 and can be extended.

Topics to consider: behavior challenges - chewing, growling, dog to dog interactions, anxiety reactions, etc; reconnecting with deceased pets; healing health pains; handling change such as moving, new children, new dogs, divorce, etc. plus general emotional and mental relationship building to insure the well-being of your dog. 

To schedule your private session or for more information contact email Lillie at



Lillie – I just can't say enough how much our consultation has improved my relationship with my dog, Casie!  Not only did she quickly overcome her recent and definite fear of going outside alone, but most importantly, it has really changed my outlook and my feelings for her. I no longer see the ways in which she doesn’t meet my expectations and needs in a dog companion (or probably more accurately, the ways in which she is NOT just like my beloved first border collie).  Instead, I am able to allow her to just BE, and I so much appreciate the beautiful, joyful and amazing Being that she is!  With each passing day, I am becoming more aware of the many lessons for me in all of this.….I also want to say that I very much appreciate the compassion and empathy I felt from you in our session.  You were very tactful and kind in everything you revealed to me.  Thanks again, so much!


Hi Lillie 

Just a note to give you an update. Since we last spoke (which by the way blew me away, I felt with your help that Katie's and my soul connected on such a deep level), Katie seems happier, more active, less painful and in general, more like her old self!

Fondly, Wendy

Dear Lillie, 

Bailey and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and talking to you at the Pet Expo this spring. Our conversation was life changing for me. I have always felt special connections with my animal friends and had no doubt that you could talk to Bailey. What floored me was the depth of what Bailey 'gets' and how much you just knew about both of us. Some of the things Bailey said were almost quotes from things I have shared and discussed with her over the years. Now I make a point of telling her important information.



Thank you so much for your help with James. I feel so rejuvenated and energized after talking to you. I really felt the situation was hopeless and I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to know it's not. I am excited to rebuild and strengthen my relationship with James and definitely feel prepared to do so. We have already seen an amazing improvement not just in James, but in all of our animals. You have been an amazing help!

Sincerely,  Meredith 

Dear Lillie,

Enclosed is a check for today's telephone session. Royal and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your gift with us. I am finally at peace knowing that I am reaching Royal and I will fine tune my 'calming' effect on him. 

Fondly,  Sandy

Thank you so very much Lillie, for your enlightening and thought provoking session today. I feel connected to the information that you  provided and will closely follow all of your suggestions. I am carefully viewing life through more insightful eyes and I look forward to embracing whatever comes next.

Thank you again and again.  Sherry 

spring farm CARES

An animal sanctuary, place of learning and healing, and home to Dawn Hayman (one of the wonderful instructors of Canine Country Camp) Please visit their website, learn about their programs, and read the many comments from some of the animal teachers they care for.
From their website..... "We care because we believe that when our Mother Earth and all her living things were created, a loving balance, respect, and communication existed between Humans, all other life forms, and the Earth. We believe that Humankind has forgotten the original plan, to the detriment not only of others in the animal kingdom, and of the Earth, but of ourselves."

If you are interested in learning Animal Communication, the best workshops we recommend are with Dawn Hayman. Please visit the Spring Farm Cares site to read about what she offers. She is an exceptional communicator and an excellent teacher that can help you open your heart to hear your animal. 

Penelope Smith
Animal Communication Specialist

For over thirty years, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated, interspecies telepathic communication. Author of many books and recordings and editor of quarterly journal, Species Link, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators world wide for decades.