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Listening to your dog

Imagine if you had a way to really understand your dog better? A way to find out information when you are confused by certain behaviors or a way to hear what your dog really wants or needs or enjoys in living with you? Or if you want to know about end of life decisions and the timing?

This is very possible with the skills of an animal communicator. Using highly-developed intuitive skills, an animal communicator converses with the animal you love and passes the information onto you. This is invaluable in building a stronger, deeper relationship.

While dogs may not speak words or seem to think complex thoughts like you do, they are not that different at all. They have real feelings and experience every aspect of your life, itís just from their perspective, not yours. They are connected to you all the time and happy to talk if you want to listen. In fact, youíre probably hearing them a lot right now but might not trust thatís the case or know when itís happening.

Animal communication is the bridge between you and your dog!

If youíd like to explore questions you have, consider a private session with Lillie Goodrich, co-founder of Glen Highland. She spends her life listening to the dogs in the rescue program and works with clients across the country in animal communication sessions, on the phone.

Many people ask if itís possible to talk to deceased animals and the answer is YES. Being in spirit is no different than being on the earthÖ an animalís energy is available for a conversation.

Phone sessions are $80 for 30 minutes and can be extended.

Topics to consider: end-of-life decisions, behavior challenges - chewing, growling, dog to dog interactions, anxiety reactions, etc; reconnecting with deceased pets; healing health pains; handling change such as moving, new children, new dogs, divorce, etc. plus general emotional and mental relationship building to insure the well-being of your dog.

To schedule your private session, or for more information, email Lillie at