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Glen Highland Farm
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The BORDER COLLIES deserve our help...

Many of the Senior Border Collies require lots of time and emotional support to feel they belong again. Others need extensive medical care to bring them back to better health.

Every Border Collie that comes into rescue undergoes full physical exams and diagnostics that include bloodwork, thyroid check, urinalysis and heartworm/lyme tests. X-rays and ultrasounds are performed as needed. Plus continuous monitoring of a dog's progress with any medical situation.

Our commitment is to do whatever is needed for the happiness of each Border Collie that comes our way. 

DONATE to give them
the chance they deserve!

If you prefer to send a check, please make the check payable to "Glen Highland." Our mailing address is Glen Highland, 6699 Fox Centre Pkwy, #434, Gloucester, VA 23061.

For a $350 donation you can be an ANGEL to a rescue dog. This amount covers a six-month period to help with general care that includes food, supplements, bedding and toys. Let us know which dog you would like to be an Angel to!

It doesn’t even have to run - it will be picked up for you! IT'S SO EASY! You’ll receive a minimum $500 tax deduction or higher (depending on the car value), so you benefit and so does Glen Highland! The net proceeds come right to rescue! Fill out the form to get started!

Donate $100 or more to Glen Highland and make it a tribute for a Birthday, Anniversary or in memory of a loved one... canine or human! These are posted on our LOVING TRIBUTES page.

After making your donation, please send us an email and include a short notation, along with a photo (if desired). Two samples of completed tributes are shown below.

($500 & up)

Substantial general donations are so helpful with the
costly care we provide for ALL the dogs!

Jodi & Gregg Adelsohn-Ruff
Tatyana Allen
Clement & Karen Arrison
Brad Atkinson
Theresa & Samuel Barrington
Andrea Barry
Jason & Elizabeth Bauer
Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman
Jeff & Tracy Beck
Jane Biberman
Andrew Bjonnes
Steve & Cathy Bouck
Marian Bradshaw-Knapton & Val Edwards
Kim & Steve Brant
Shannon Brown
Vicki Buono
David & Martha Campbell
Sue & Al Campion
Sonia & Ryan Chapin
Jennifer Cherney
Carole Cimpko
Jim Clubb
Joanne Cook
William Dornbusch & Jana Standish
Linda Dragoo
Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq
Karen Duval
Anne & Travis Engen
William & Judy English
Robin & Patrick Eddington
Barbara Erskine
Arthur & Candyce Espinoza
Sandra & Michael Fazio
Nancy Frakes
Amy Galford
Keri Gardner
Gina Garrubbo
Kenneth Gletow
David & Cynthia Goldenberg
Pete & Renate Goodloe
Joe Gordon & Mark Bauer
Cynthia Goutman
Lucinda Hahn
James & Kate Handford
Frances Hannan
Lydia Henshaw
Connie Hermann
Mike & Kathy Hoar
Karen Hormel
Linda Hotchkiss
Beth & Darrell Humphrey
Nancy Hunt
Jonathany Ilany
Janet James
Robert Johnston

Tommy Keyes
Susan & TImothy Larkin
Bernie LaRoche
Martin Levy & Lorraine Kuhn
Jeffrey Lovinger
Cheryl Luciano
Susie Mautz & Grant Wheatley
Linda & John Maxwell
Ronald McGettigan
Denise McInerney
Carol McKernan
Deb Meyers & Gene Blecker
Warren Mick
Carol Miller
Steven & Andrea Morgan-Vandome
Diane & Dean Morrison
Beverly & Bob Murdock
David & Caitlin Musto
Barbara & Tom Newberry
Karen O’Brien
Katherine O'Connor
Susan Paterson
Lisa Petrick
Alfred Polvere
Frank & Ann Reed
David & Sally Rojek
Michael & Arlene Ross
Dale & Doug Rutherford
Susan Sechler & Lloyd Timberlake
Cheryl Sedestrom
Howard Shore & Elizabeth Cotnoir
Sharon Sicafuse
Stacey & John Simon
Zeba Singh
Norton & Sandy Sloan
Diana & Bruce Smith
Rachael Sokolowski & Amanda Reed
Bill & Karen Stoedter
Susan & Robert Strange
Robert & Constance Sumas
David & Jane Stover
Olivia Tandon
Dennis & Cynthia Tice
Nancy Toothaker
Margot Unkel
Bill & Paula Vandeventer
Nancy & Greg Vorbach
Ian Vorbach
Bryan Wasileski
Leslie Wehr
Chuck Wheeler
Linda Whitman

A special thanks to our Monthly Donors!

These "Border Buddies" help the rescue Border Collies
at Glen Highland on an ongoing basis. We are deeply grateful!

Kim & Steve Brant
Theresa Burns
Eileen & Denis Byrne
Laurence Cable
Joe & Joanne Campo
Vince Carbone
Marco Castro
Robert Caudill
Jim Clubb
Joanne Cook
Stacey Crane
Peter Curran
Steph & Jim DeBottis
David Denis
Joseph Depirri
Gloria DeVito
Linda Dragoo
David Draper
Suzette Dryer
Anne Duffy
Karen Edwards
Rolayne & Gary Fickes
Hayley & Carlos Fink
Donna Funk
Amy Gates
Dianne Godwin
Kimberly Grike
Stuart Hanford
Benjamin Henry
Gwenn Hibbs
Mary Huber
Carlos & Sandy Iglesias
Diana Jarek

Charlene & Charlie Johnson
Namali Kadigawe
Linda & John Kanaly
Amilyn Lanning
Mimi Lieber
Jane Locacio
Caitlin Lovinger
Katherine Malley
Nina & Mike Marciniszyn
John Marcus
Pamela Marks
Jack McCleland
Lisa & Marty Meade
Nicole Middaugh
Carol Miller
Kathy & Greg Molatch
Martina Moore
Cheryl Munro
Jennifer Parker & Ken Erickson
Elizabeth Post
Sarah Reilly
Gretchen Rierson
Jim & Pam Sacks
Chuck & Terri Smith
Kurt & Carrie Smith
Rebecca Symmes
Stanley Tyliszczak & Lucinda Woods
Tory Van Reenen
Linda Varian
Maureen Vedder & Ralph DiCocco
Patrick White
Lynda Yoder
Bonnie & John Yurga

GLEN HIGHLAND, INC is an IRS registered 501c3 non-profit organization, tax EIN# 161609670.
All donations are tax deductible.