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Donate to Glen Highland and make it a tribute for a Birthday, Anniversary or in memory of a loved one, canine or human!

GENEROUS DONATIONS help all the Glen Highland rescues! An ANGEL provides $350 (six months of care) or be a BORDER BUDDY, donating monthly. Send an email to with a written notation, a photo (if desired) and contact info for anyone we should notify of your tribute.

In celebration of GH alum LINCOLN'S
6th BIrthday!

- Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy &
GH alum Lincoln
February 2023

A celebratory tribute to our beautiful girl RIVER! This year GH alum River became an AKC National Agility Champion in the 20” preferred class. At 11 years old she truly shined on the big stage. She is so special and I am forever grateful that you trusted me to be her person!

- Jeanie Burton
May 2022

In celebration of WILLIS’S 13th Birthday! He has given us such love and joy since our 2010 adoption day!

- Dave & Sally, Orie, Willis & Hope
March 2022

A tribute to GLEN HIGHLAND: I have been blessed to be part of GH for many years. It has impacted my life to be a better person. And all the wisdom from Lillie and Joycelene and all the Border Collies.

- With fond memory that will last my lifetime, Linda Whitman & Sky,
GH Alums Connell & Anney
April 2022

Happy Birthday to my sister GRETCHEN RIERSON! Lots of love to you and GH Alum Ellie!

- Seth Rierson & Sherry Salmons
March 2022

In honor of GH Alum OLLIE'S 8th B-Day!! He continues to bring us joy, happiness and laughter every day!!

- John & Stephanie Porter
January 2022

In honor of DAVE LEBEDIN'S retirement
- a Border Collie owner and lover.

- All the best to David,
Your Vanderbilt Colleagues
January 2024

In honor of GH alum JANIE'S
12th Birthday

She is making such a difference in my life - and I hope I am in hers.

- B.E.
July 2023

Forever grateful to KIM & STEVE BRANT
For "being there when we needed it" by adopting CASEY & PEPPER in 2017 when my father could no longer care for them.

- Sonia & Ryan Chapin
March 2022

To our 3 year-old Aussie, LUNA,
who we love dearly and keeps us laughing every day.

- Catherine & Karl Wagner
September 2022

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of the SENIOR SANCTUARY!

- Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy &
GH alum Lincoln
March 2022

In honor of our Senior boy BARLEY
who we are lucky to have for 4 years now!

- Peter & Barbara Cornell
January 2022


- Robin Stawasz
January 2022

crossed the rainbow bridge at age 11 years and 8 months young. If joy and happiness were to be transformed into a fur baby; it would most certainly be Indigo. She was a sweet, smart, happy, empathetic, silly and loving girl. She brought joy to me every single day that she was in my life. Her beautiful smile could light up a room as she loved every human that she met. She will live on forever in my heart. - Gina LaRosa

- Mary Lung'aho, Barry Goff & Eva
July 2024

In memory of GH alum COOKIE (age 18),
with gratitude to founders Lillie & John, and senior caretaker, Jos.

Cookie was nearing 12 (& having the energy of half his years) when we joined paths, this joyous "heart-dog" captured mine on sight. Love you, Cookster, 4-ever with me.

- Vicki Buono
March 2024

In memory of GH alum CASEY
We had the privilege to adopt our BC, Casey, in 2011. He was a devoted and loyal member of our family until his passing on Dec. 1, 2023. He is now chasing his frisbee in heaven.

- James & Kate Handford
December 2023

In memory of Joy Sawyer
An awesome person and friend, who will be missed forever!

- Carol Harris
December 2023

In Memory of Sharon Nunan
Never going to say goodbye but until we catch up at a bigger Field.

- Love, Ron
July 2023

In Memory of Sharon Nunan
A Wonderful Friend, Human Being and Shepherdess. Peace, Love & Light.

- Diane Thompson, Emma Court,
Michele Byers
July 2023

In loving memory of GH Alum
, the sweetest boy ever. Thanks for all you did for this darling boy and for others like him.

- Love, Meg Massaro
June 2023

In memory of my shining STAR,
who graced me with her presence for 15 years. It was a privilege to have shared that time with you. We will love and miss you forever.

- Love, Peggy & Luna
April 2023

In memory of a beloved
Border Collie, FFLASH.

Fflash was a gentle and sweet soul who enjoyed and excelled at the sports of Agility, Rally and Nosework with his Mom, Carole Daggett. Fflash also loved children and looked forward to his work as a canine ambassador at Critter Camp every summer. He will be missed by all of us and the many people who knew him.

- Beverly Lloyd Agility Field Gang
November 2022

In memory of GH alum PACE (age 10)
This is how I remember him, always watching. Thank you for the best 10 years of our lives, he will live in our hearts forever. He will be missed by a lot of people, his fan club was huge. Such a great dog!! Also all the runners, walkers, and trucks that passed us everyday for years, most of them this AM stopped to ask about our little guy. Pace had the habit of stopping and turning around to watch certain trucks go by us as he heard them coming. The truck drivers loved him. What a large life this little border collie had!! Lucky lucky us.

- Dale & Doug Rutherford
& GH alum Minna
September 2022

In loving memory of our Mother and Grandmother, MARILYN EDWARDS, who passed away September 8th, 2021

- Daughters Mary Beth Huffhine and Sherri Scherer & granddaughter, Genealy Hudson
September 2022

In memory of GH alum TESS (15)
She was an old soul and I learnt so much from her. Thank you for allowing Us to belong to Tess.

- Rosie Sutherland
July 2022

In loving memory of "Whitley the Wonder Dog". Thank you for gracing my life and teaching me so much. I was blessed to know you. Run free, my little man! April 2022, 14 years old.

- Leslie, Merlin and
GH Alum Little Miss Roxy
June 2022

In memory of GH Alum LUPA VORBACH (15): Nancy and Greg, I was so saddened to hear about Lupa's passing. I adored her (as you obviously did). She will remain in my heart! Sending sympathy and LOVE.

- Riska Wanago
June 2022

In memory of LUPA & in honor of guardians NANCY & GREG VORBACH who adopted her in 2012…the love is forever.

- Lance Miller & Cathie Mick
March 2022

In honor of our sweet angel SOPHIA who passed peacefully at 15 on 5/29/22.
She was our best friend and we miss her deeply already and will never stop loving her. Thank you for all you do for these elderly border collies. Someday I will have room again in my heart for another.

- Kathleen Edgerton
May 2022

In loving memory of LUCAS (15).
For Shawn & Judy Colvin

- Cosima Colvin
May 2022

In loving memory of GH alum LOKI (14).
For Laura & Stefano Nese

- Daniela Nese
April 2022

To honor the memory of my beloved husband MONTY and my equally
beloved border collie, BELLA
I will miss you always!

- Peggy Pelton
March 2022

In memory of our sweet little red
spitfire GH Alum CASSIE
we miss you so much!

- Gregg, Jodi & Rave
March 2022

In the memory of my loving wife, MICHELLE MONITZ, who adored Border Collies.

- Jay Monitz
March 2022

In memory of GH Alums RUSS (15)
(18), always remembered.

- Scottie Burkhalter
March 2022

In loving memory of FRISBEE (16), CODY (13), SAM (14), STARR (15) & SETH (14).

- Darlene Carney
March 2022

In memory of GH Alum BETSY (15),
always our very special girl.

- Mary & Jack Schaefer
January 2022

In loving memory of THELMA "CHRISTINE" MARTIN
January 2022

Amanda Reed & Rachael Sokolowski

Cheri Holdridge
Jami Blosser
Kaye McFadden
Brian Lenihan & Courtney Martin
Ryan McGowan
Crystal Talley
Judith Dumont

In memory of GH Alum CHANCE (15).
I miss my boy Chance every second of every day. Thank you for the best dog ever, I feel like he is still with me :)

- Cheryl Parker
January 2022

This is a birthday donation, in memory of our daughter, AIMEE FALCON. Her heavenly birthday is January 16. She’d love that we support Glen Highland in her memory, as we almost adopted from you.

- LouAnn & Al Falcon
January 2022

In memory of GH alum MADDOX
June 2011 - January 2024
How we will miss him. He was always quietly there, loved going for hikes and swimming. Herding the other dogs when they were playing ball. Wanting to crawl inside me when there was a thunderstorm.

When he was a bit younger, he slept on the bed, but over the last year, he was content on a rug at the foot of the bed. He had his own bedroom, we call it Maddox’s room. It’s where he liked to hang out when things got hectic in the rest of the house. Door always open of course.

I remember when he first appeared on the Rescue website, and I fell in love with him then. I couldn’t possibly add another dog to the family, but I met him in person at the Farm, and it didn’t take much to talk me in to taking him. So, so glad we did.

- Rosie Sutherland
January 2024

In loving memory of our GH alums

- Barbara & Ted Zellner
December 2023

In loving memory of GH alum GILBERT (age 16.) A very sweet and special little guy. Always watchful and ready to please. We miss you so much!.

- Henry & Judy Ahlers
December 2023

In memory of BRODIE

- Larry Cable
August 2023

In memory of BRIDGET and JESSIE, two of the best dogs ever to grace the Earth, with thanks to Glen Highland Farm for rescuing them and sending them to us.

- Jim & Pam Sacks
August 2023

Our sweet Sophia, May your memory continue to live through your family who loved you deeply. Always on the hunt for small animals, keeping our perimeter safe, tolerating your little brothers and parents loving on you. We miss you so much.

- Kathleen Tredtin
July 2023

In memory of GH alum COSBY (16) and CARA (5), and in memory of my late husband Dave who loved all of our Border Collies.

- Judy Tripp
July 2023

In memory of GH alum CASEY
Such a sweet girl, always so loved and loving, and in our hearts forever.

- Sonia & Ryan Chapin
July 2023

In memory of GH alum 'Sweet Summer BREEZE' beloved dog of Gail Hurley, "I will be forever thankful to Breeze for giving me so much joy. She was my first border collie and she helped me find my real spirit. Forever in my heart."

- York County Dog Training Club
April 2023

In memory of GH alum BRIDGET (age 16), sending love to James & Pam.

- The Fulton Family
February 2023

In memory of GH alum DELLA,
in honor of GH alum Tucker, who has been Della's best friend and protector for so many years and will always be with her no matter what.

- Linda Whitman & Sky
November 2022

In memory of Hi C-Era Acme ROULETTE.
Sending love to Katy Robertson.

- Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento
October 2022

In loving memory of REMINGTON aka "Remmy" (age 10)
His human parents poured their whole hearts into caring for his special needs in his final days and he always remained the goodest boy.

- Kyle & Katherine Dillon
September 2022

In memory of our sweet boy TIGGER

- Jim & Rene Duffy
July 2022

In memory of ZOE
For Nancy Marston

- Midge Krisak
June 2022

In memory of our beloved cat, SHERMAN, who genuinely loved and showed affection for our BC, Piper, every day for the past 13 years. She misses him so very much.

- Pete, Bonnie, Piper & Kippy
June 2022

In loving memory of GH alum HALLIE (16). Thank you for entrusting her to us, and thank you for all your advice over the years.

- Dean & Diane Morrison
June 2022

In remembrance of our beloved GH alums, Mika (15) & Cassy (14). Cherished memories are tucked away in our hearts forever of so many steps taken together. 

- Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy
& GH alum, Lincoln.
April 2022

In loving memory of all the BORDER COLLIES that have touched our souls.

- Sue, Bob, Dyson, Snidely &
GH alum Jack xoxoxoxo
March 2022

In memory of Glen Highland’s JOHN ANDERSEN.

- "The girl with the crazy hair" Linda Whitman, Sky & GH Alums Connell & Anney
March 2022

In memory of GH Alums DOC (17)
(15)… we wish you were still here.

- Pete & Renate Goodloe
March 2022

In loving memory of GH Alums SHEBA (12), JETER (10), & RITTER (12).

- Denise & Mike McInerney & GH alums
Abby & Oscar
March 2022

In memory of beloved WIFI (6),
my beloved friend forever.

- Jeanie Burton
January 2022

In loving memory of
Michael Shea Zackin,

a passionate lover of Border Collies.
January 2022

Tricia & Alex MacKay-Monheim
Sostowski-Herbes Family
David Pascrell
James LaRocca
Christine Amalfe
Debra Denker
Marcy Radbill, Ray Yost & Veronica
Patricia Barbieri
Claudia McGuire
Lawrence Goldman
David Crapo
Julie Darienzo
Karen Giannelli
G.R & Shirley Farquhar
Dianne Storey

To a very, very special friend, loved by so many, including the Border Collies she adored so much. Sorely missed.
- Cheryl & Bill Lafferty

In loving memory of BETTY WHITE
January 2022

Lisa Anne Zilney
Janet Mitchell
Mark Chronister
Mary Hyland
Carolyn Jacobson
Margaret Flagg
Karen Youngman
James Sacks
Holly Bourne
Marylee Ashby
Tracy Forman
Kristine Hammar
Lisa Stettler
Susan Morini
Deborah Norman
Donna Welty
Maryann Gazzini
Sharon L Firneno
Anne Duffy
June Brown
Christine Farrance
Edith Petaccio
Holly Housholder
William Dewkett
Cindy McRae
Tom & Mary Dearstine
Abigail Adams
Krysta Barnhart
Charity Truong
Anne Hilton
Kate Gillin
Marilyn Williams
Janelle Walsh
Nicole Middaugh
Sandra Allen
Dawn Jones
Nancy Doyle
Tracey Taylor
Laura & Stefano Nese

We’d like to thank you for all that you do for so many wonderful border collies! We loved our FLIP, who we rescued through you, so much! He was the best dog!
- Sally Catlett

In memory of my first Border Collie, PEPPER, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 7 years ago today. Thank you for all that you do for these beautiful pups.
- Lisa Peters

I hope others are thinking of you to donate and honor Betty White’s work.
- With our love, Abbie, Diane & Richard Legere

In honor of our two Border Collies - JOSIE & CHASE. And in memory of SADIE, RUBY & KIP - our Border Collies in heaven.
- Valentina Avery