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We said goodbye to FLIP on Sunday night 2/21/21 with his sudden collapse at the end of the day. His heart ‘sac’ was filled with fluid, likely due to a ruptured tumor. Letting Flip go was the only answer. He was a very young, athletic 11 but sadly at the end of his stay.

What started as a 1 year old led to his return to rescue at age 4 due to biting. This unique fella lived 8 great years at the Founder’s home with a life designed to minimize his fears and maximize his happiness. A simple life without interactions with strangers worked beautifully for this sweet guy. He loved his trail walks, his ball play and all his canine pals who made life interesting. Flip was the temperament tester for the rescue, meeting dozens and dozens of dogs. He did his job beautifully and complied whatever was asked of him…just not with strangers.

Great work Flip…you did your very best and we were pleased to offer you a safe life in which to thrive and grow. We hope the next life is less scary and only full of complete love. Godspeed FLIP...