ABANDONED AT 14 YEARS OLD… Glen Highland was there to help

In July 2022, we learned of CASEY, a 14 year old in need of a new home. Without reservation we headed off to meet him only to find a very compromised sick Border Collie.

Casey was suffering from a perianal hernia where his bladder was literally moving into his rectum. This distressing and uncomfortable medical situation needed immediate action however at his age, the surgery was too risky. And, to complicate the decision, he had heartworm which meant a severe possibility of death under anesthesia. Nothing could be done except to love him.

This charming, adorable, friendly guy was with us less than a week, but we made the most of his time. He loved the sunshine, smelling the grass and even checking out the other Border Collies. So, while our hearts were heavy with letting him go so soon, we had no choice. His hernia was worsening and the pain was sure to increase. Oh such a sad day to say goodbye so quickly but we knew our role in his life was so important.

Casey never sat long in a concrete run at Animal Control, all alone suffering in pain.

We saw you Casey and felt your big heart…and will remember you forever.