Sadly, Sanctuary work means illness can unexpectedly pop up at any time and for Matty, that is exactly what happened. On the Monday of Asher’s passing, Matty’s breathing became very labored and his gaze quite odd, indicating pain and significant discomfort. He was very sedate and still compared to his normal activity level. Rushing to the vet for chest xrays revealed masses in his lungs and an abnormal pattern of cancer throughout.

Matty had a week to live, if even that long. He was 13. He was a stoic dog who had hidden his illness to the very end. With prednisone added to help, he made it to Friday, December 16.

Matty had been at Glen Highland for a year and doing incredibly happy and really enjoying the new climate no longer dealing with cold and slippery ice like when he lived in NY. His ACL tear occurred from the difficult weather and being hooked to a cable run for exercise. He had a bad limp but within months, he was so much better in Virginia and we were thrilled for him to be active, exploring his new world.

With a fenced yard, Matty thought life was glorious! He was adorable to watch as he became the self-appointed guardian of all activities, small and large, including being the boss of all the dogs! “Mr. On-Duty loved his new job! It brought him to life with a spark to go on. He was able to start a new chapter.

As it was time to say goodbye, we reassured Matty that he had completed his work well and told him just how grateful we were for his help here. We had told him the very same thing when he was first separated from the elderly person who loved him. We fielded countless calls from her as she desperately missed him but could no longer care for him. It was obvious it had been hard on Matty to separate, too. So, it was critical he knew he had done right by her.

Matty was the kind of Border Collie who needed to know his purpose was fulfilled.
We can say without a doubt..



MATTY turned 13 and it just feels right to let him know he is HOME…no more question about where he can feel safe and sound. While we thought he might just find someone special to make him their center of attention, his age is making that unlikely so we welcome him as a Sanctuary Resident.

Matty has done beautifully with the gang of rescues, all new to him…he actually keeps track of all the action and seems content to be ‘the boss’, albeit a more amenable one than some of the girls. He is super sweet and very, very friendly with everyone. He also loves to chase the squirrels in the yard and watch out te windows any neighborhood action, so pleased to announce any changes. He is quite a character!

Matty lived in one home for the last ten years, until his elderly guardian could no longer care for him. His vet work shows he’s in good shape, very strong for his age but does need pain medicine for a prior leg injury. He is also benefiting from MYOS, the supplement that builds muscle without exercise.

Matty came to Glen Highland in November 2021 from NY.