Late summer 2018, this handsome fella JET needed our help and along with a related BC he lived with (Tip), he joined the Glen Highland Rescue. Within short order we knew he was the real deal, quite the thinking Border Collie, sweet as could be but with serious intent to herd the action around him. At 13, he was beyond the adoptable age so we agreed that he would reside with us til the end.

On 10/17/20, we said goodbye to this wonderful guy, sadly taken down by a tumor wrapping around a back leg, preventing him from being the dog he wanted to be. We knew he would agree that a life without the movement that sparked his mind, would not be a real life he wanted. Taking the herding out of a Border Collie is just not okay. We heard you Jet, we got it.

We will miss this brilliant boy and are deeply thankful we could step in for the past two years to give him love and lots to do, too. Everyone who met Jet, just adored him. As his previous guardian described so well:

"He had a wonderful balance between border collie obsessions and the lovable mindset of a faithful companion.

Godspeed, Jet...