We celebrate our very first Virginia Sanctuary Resident - RIPLEY - with a very fond farewell September 2nd, 2022 - two years after her arrival.

This little powerhouse was in no way finished when she was abandoned at age 13 in a shelter. She made that clear when she chose a ‘rescue job' influencing the other Border Collies as the matriarch. Fair as could be to all, she held order and was a delight to watch as she set the tone with so many newbies. A bark here or there, a hard eye now and then and a ‘follow-me’, ’this is how its done’ attitude, she was a treasure! And, she sure loved her toys!

Ripley was one of those female Border Collies who needed a purpose so we worried knowing she had lost her family. But, that herding body and brainpower went right to work as a Rescue Partner with our Caretaker, Joycelene. So, as you can easily imagine, Ripley has left a huge set of paws to fill! And, of course, a set of stories to tell for a long time to come.

RIPLEY…you go girl…get every’one’ in line on the other side cause they just might need your kind of help!!

We loved her and are so grateful to have a long two years by her side.



SANCTUARY RESIDENT RIPLEY is a live-wire, just the funniest, most focused Senior we’ve seen in awhile... the game of ball play is HER happiness for sure and frankly, any toy will do as well! We chuckle seeing this girl come to life once her arthritic pain was handled in rescue as well as medical challenges like incontinence... her energy blossomed.

Ripley is the life of the party, Border Collie style, meaning it’s her way or the highway so she is the boss of the rescue pack and needs a little guidance from time to time. Innocently, she looks up to say. "What, me??" Such a smart, alert and classic brilliant BC. Now at 15, two years after ariving in June 2022, Ripley has slowed down a bit but is as charming and comical as always. She can’t see perfectly any more but she can sense where all the action is and keeps track like any smart Border Collie.

She is about 40 pounds and fits in with the pack pretty well, enjoying the stimulation of others that herd everything too but more importantly, she loves her Princess status! Her renal disease is advancing but we’re doing everything to give her more time to enjoy life!