Goodspeed to you, Major. Love to you... forever.

Brace yourself…this is not a message you will want to read and not one I wanted to write but there is a silver lining in what is sad news…very sad news...

Major deteriorated in his third week with us in a way that was rough to see…he fatigued very very quickly, he was breathing much heavier and more measured and while he still woof-woofed in his goofy way, he was mentally in an odd place, less aware and oddly disconnected. He completely stopped eating…nothing was enticing him…nothing. He had not gained a pound since arrival and he was again, vomiting.

Mid-day seeing him in an odd state with such difficulties, I heard him and knew what was going on…he was dying. The night before I dreamt of him with our vet, describing the intense worry over his changed demeanor and there the next day, each moment unfolded clear as could be…he was dying right then and there… there was only one decision which was to let him go…his lab work revealed his renal values were ‘off the charts’ compared to three weeks ago when we had him vetted in North Carolina before the transport…Major’s kidneys were failing badly and there was nothing to stop the process.

The dog that once bit me when I touched his eyes or paws, now laid across my lap while I held his head in my hands and let him know that I understood it was time and so did he…he had been so loud and so clear that he had pulled my attention right to him and within moments, we were in the car racing to the vet. My message to the vet office was, “Major is dying”. They confirmed what was needed.

The sky that night was a soft rose-pink of puffy clouds with light gold streaming through, a magnificent goodbye from a spectacular soul that deeply touched me, our workers and all of you who felt so compelled to help him.

So the Message from Major to you is this:

åYOU DID HELP HIM…YOU DID…your hearts opened so wide and so full and you sent so much loving energy to him with hopes he would heal. What you and we didn’t really know was that he received exactly what he needed - all the energy made it possible for him to leave this earth in peace, with grace. Not stay, but go. He returned to a better state of himself and was able to consciously cross into spirit WHOLE, not broken. The healing of loving energy gave him the strength in order to leave aware as himself.

His first week at Glen Highland was honestly scary. I was very worried he was going to die that week...he was in horrible shape, the worst I’ve seen so he became my full focus. I told him he could borrow any energy of mine and that many, many people were rooting for him and wanted to know he was well. Trust me when I tell you that this soul felt you all…he truly blew me away and that is why he was named after one of the most magnificent dogs in our entire history..Major…another grand soul full of huge gifts. This Border Collie needed help from everywhere if he was going to survive at all.

So, while I know you are crying and trust me, I wept deep from my soul with him in my arms and each of us here wept about this day and the tragic loss so quickly…please, please remember he did NOT die alone…he had a great 2nd week where he was playing with toys and meeting dogs and really exploring the land here…he was woof-woofing to anyone he met, including the dogs…he was hilarious and stubborn with his opinions…he healed enough with medical care that he did rally but such a sick body could not continue to do more…

The image to hold near to your heart is this… Major finally had enough steam to trot along with all his legs moving in the same motion forward, no wobbling, just a straight shot to whatever caught his attention…head held high without sneezing and congestion and disgusting infection…he was a proud, good-looking guy with an obstinate and sweet nature…

Major was his own dog…and HAPPY…when he saw me coming to bring him in, he’d give that look that was so him and walk the other way…I had to jog a bit to catch him cause he was so determined to have his way…what a character, what a gem…he was in charge of his destiny. Even at the end.

While we all wanted more time and a reversal of the tragic life that he was dealt and it WAS truly unfair and tragic…just unbelievably unkind…he transformed in a short stretch to find himself again…watching him was marvelous and humbling and life-changing…

MAJOR is well named…a major border collie crossed our paths and we will forever remember him I only wish you all could have met him…wow, what a powerhouse.

Thank you for loving him from afar…your kindness gave him the best care possible and the ability to heal the best that he could…he got exactly what he needed when he needed it most…LOVE. Godspeed, Major.


Andrea Rising

Deb Meyers, Twist & GH alum, Logi

John & Stacey Simon & GH alums, Milo & Tiger

Eileen Byrne, in memory of GH alum, Daisy so he can be a BC again

Pete & Renate Goodloe & big-hearted GH alum ROSIE

From Derby, Little Ray, Lucy, Micki, Sue & Ilene

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney

Shannon Brown, in memory of Otis

Rebecca & Brian Boyle

Laura Kirk

Katherine Ostiguy

Wanda Wise

Thomas Smith

Major's History

Here we go again…yet another extremely sad situation of a neglected Senior Border Collie…just unbelievable to see this. Estimated at age 11, Major has a new name in honor of our beloved GH Major whose great heart and great strength will hopefully bring some energy to this new guy. He is so incredibly weak, it appeared he would die the night he arrived. The shelter felt the same way so we moved him to a local vet prior to transport and now, it’s easy to see why they were so worried. SO ARE WE.

Major needs all the loving energy sent his way that all Border Collie lovers can send…truthfully. He is half his size at 37 pounds, just a skeletal guy. His skin is showing signs of malnutrition as well as tons of flea dirt and hair loss. His nasal discharge is green gunk and he sneezes frequently attempting to breath. However, if all that wasn’t enough, he has mobility issues…perhaps neurological or from severe weakness, where he knuckles his back legs and catches himself from falling as he moves. We’ve been bodily easing him to lie down and rest because he continually circles and paces non-stop, totally lost.

Major is in the founder’s care, quarantined for a week from the other population so he can really rest as well as to prevent contagion. He came from North Carolina on 7/15 and day two, 7/16, he wagged his tail a number of times and is now more focused on the human arriving into the room! When he sees us, he walks straight over and won’t leave our side. He bravely tolerated his ’spa day’, laying down for his bath and hair cut so he now looks better. His vet care is underway with antibiotics.

We are so grateful for any sign that he is hanging onto life. Watching him fight for a breathe and barely hold up his own weight as he moves is devastating to see…Honestly, we are witnessing some of the worst treatment of Senior Border Collies we have ever seen. He was left to survive on his own, for some reason we will never know at the most vulnerable age in his life.

Special thanks to Wendy Bergman Smithey & Imbi Kiss who transported Major to Lillie at NCSU while there on appointment. And, also to Christi Isley from Guilford County Animal Services who worked so hard to help him make it to rescue.