JD came to Glen Highland late July 2021, having lived for one month in a Virginia shelter after his person died. He had lived in one home since an 8 week old pup, clearly loved and a real companion. However, he was struggling with confusion in all the change of losing all that he knew. It was very apparent.

This marvelous good-natured worrier was a unique combination where he so wanted to be with someone yet had a hard time trusting the sense it made for him…food, water, some outside time…all made sense but a true connection was hard to come by. JD by all rights, had to become his own dog in his own world, thrust upon him through a death. He was doing the best he could but the pain was evident in his expressions and discomfort being touched and handled. It was all just too foreign and unfamiliar for him.

Almost 2 weeks into his time at rescue, he began to allow an ear scratch or a back-rub but still pulled away if it was all just too much. He explored the rescue yard and met the other dogs through the fence and though he was a big non-Border Collie, everyone kindly accepted him. But…JD was sending off a truth about his interest in hanging on for this new life…he was not planning to do that and it was a matter of time to find out what he meant exactly.

One evening he ‘broke’ with focal seizures and as they increased, he lost his ability to stand which meant he was dependent on help which he absolutely detested. Pain medication and seizure medication could not turn around the independence that he was quickly loosing. As his worry deepened and his confusion grew, there was one answer and he was ready…letting him go to return to spirit.

JD had done what he set out to do…return to meet his human companion on the other side…he was so loud and clear about this, that there was no doubting it. He had also made sure his canine companion, 10 year old Border Collie, Mick, was all set, in the right hands.

An amazing will and directness about his goals was apparent and then he was gone.

Thank you JD for gracing us with your huge presence and showing how it’s done.