ZENA chose her own timing of when to leave, making her departure the same day as Mac, 11/8/22.

At age 14, Zena's behavior had recently changed into one of unhappiness and discomfort as her body was unraveling of its own accord. Lab work revealed all areas we had been successfully balancing were no longer working well…her liver was in trouble, her GI system was worsening, her heart enlargement was making breathing difficult, signs of a wobbly gait and disorientation were more frequent and her renal disease had doubled in values that showed massive deterioration in a very short period of time. Even on prednisone, the juggling act was clearly over.

Zena carefully climbed up on the couch next to Lillie, put her paws on her leg and gave that knowing look that said ‘thank you’…’I’ve got to go’…then back to the floor she went for a nap. It was clear as a bell she had voted for today.

As a special needs Glen Highland resident, Zena was by far one of the top 5 most difficult dogs we ever kept. She absolutely had no options of anywhere else to go so we committed to her. It’s been a very tough and very challenging 12 years. Not because Zena wasn’t sweet…because she was very sweet and also very athletic…a fun, ball nut that was faster than most Border Collies in the rescue.

Her issue was genetic obsessive compulsive shadow chasing. Crashing through drywall as the sun shone across it; tearing seat belts apart as sunlight hit cars moving by; rapid speed racing window to window to window as shadows moved; chasing light bugs in the dark without any sense of ever wanting to come inside…the list was endless. None of it was her fault. Playing with a laser light in her first home triggered the gene responsible for OCD behavior and there was no putting the genie back in the bottle. Medications made her worse; training caused too much pressure and she shut down. The only recourse was management of the environment 24/7, 365 days a year.

Today, Zena finally found peace that she never found on earth, ever. Yes, she surely found happiness for many years but everything always involved shadow chasing, even moving water as we went for trail walks near the creek at the Farm. Her barking was non-stop as she jumped and grabbed at little bits of water as sunlight crossed over. Her life was good on rainy days and shady places. She’d cuddle and paw for attention and just be the most loving Border Collie, so sensitive and adorable. She was as precious as she was gorgeous. Until triggered.

We did our best Zena. We told everyone we met to not use laser lights for fun. And we loved you through it all, even the unbelievable stress of living with no solution to help. So off you go…come back next time with a different journey. You surely deserve something easier.

Godspeed pretty girl…we heard you today and it was good, very good.