Our sweet MAC crossed to spirit today, 11/8/22, at 15 years old. He had a helluva run living as a Glen Highland Resident for ten years like the king of the pack!

Mac was a healthy guy until this last year when his mobility changed as did his hearing and eyesight. His lab values pointed to a possible thyroid tumor and liver issues which in the end brought him to collapse and the clarity that no matter how determined this strong guy was in life, he was not going to have a turnaround. So, we said goodbye as the day began, so teary to loose such a special dog.

Mac never met a person he didn’t like, in fact, he loved people. No fears, worries or issues at all...he was easy in almost all ways. Except one…after bouncing back from three homes, his abandonment issues were huge. He would literally break through windows to go with his person, refusing to be left behind. He dreaded being left alone and destroyed a house or himself trying to prevent that from happening. His will was so strong…stubborn in fact.

Turns out, we had the perfect solution in the Founders' home… a huge pack to keep him company and busy. Mac was a herding mix so landing amidst so many wound-up purebred Border Collies might not have been his first choice but his anxiety finally lessened and happiness set in.

He settled in and we adored him. Founders John Andersen and Lillie Goodrich were so pleased to see this sweetheart relax and enjoy a big life for ten years. He was such a hoot!

And, now he is home again in the energy of great peace, sacred space and grand love that he so surely deserved. That’s really what he wanted all along…and of course some dogs to boss around and critters to chase on the trails!

Miss ya buddy…you were a great friend for a long time.