In our world of Glen Highland, we live with hellos and goodbyes on a regular basis and today, 8/22/22, was no different. We had to say goodbye to sweet LINDY, letting her find peace.

This charming little Border Collie mix brought brightness to the Sanctuary each and every day. We had so hoped, her life would be a longer one with us however she began declining in the past weeks, very slow moving, super lethargic with only short spurts of energy. The bloodwork showed lab work consistent with an internal bleed and knowing she had a mass on her spleen, it was likely the culprit. Lindy was rapidly changing and waiting for her to collapse would have been disastrous because car rides and vet visits massively unraveled her.

So, laying at home where she felt content, we thanked her for coming and wished her well on her next journey on the other side. Unlike the heavy herding purebred Border Collies, Lindy had a determination for what she wanted but a soft, gentle nature in order to get it. We chuckled as she formed ‘opinions’ of the crazy BC gang she learned to live with! And, today, she was able to go out in the ‘style’ that truly suited her.

We love you sweet girl… Thanks for making your short visit of ten months so great… lucky for us to receive that charm of yours! Sweet, Sweet, Sweet…….


Sweet lovely LINDY joined us in mid-November 2021 with a curiosity to explore her new world. We’ve watched her adjust beautifully to the other rescues and life with our Caretaker, truly a happy girl. Her favorite activity is hanging on the porch watching all the action! At 13, Lindy is well settled and we feel that though happy, she is delicate. The stress of another big move would be too much so we welcome her to the Sanctuary for her remaining years!

Lindy has some health challenges we are carefully monitoring which include nodules on her spleen and recurring urinary issues, solved for now but it’s taken two rounds of meds and repeated cultures. She has a long history of infections. She has some arthritic issues so has started on pain meds and Myos joint supplement, like most of the Seniors.

A big hug to LINDY who made three moves to different homes over her 13 years and now deserves a rest in a place designed for her as a Sanctuary Resident. We all love her!