BETSIE arrived 4 1/2 years ago and ended up as the longest Rescue Resident, saying good-bye on 4/20/21 at the age of 14.

A wee little thing, she came in like a powerhouse, herding every dog that moved, always on duty 24/7, yet today quietly wrapped up with a simple outrun circling her friends and then laid down to nap on her last day. She was ready to go. Her journey was done. We completely understood.

Betsie stayed in rescue because her skittish nature was so extreme, making her ‘feral’ in fear of human interaction or touch. She understood Border Collies and that was plenty for her to be happy so we knew THAT would be easy to give her. No pressure, just lots of good care, love if she wanted it and action! Barely within arm’s reach of a touch, she hid from anyone who was drawn to pet her but what a joy to watch her herd! Happily doing her version of what she was bred to do!

Betsie’s life was on her terms, forever skittish to her last day. We’ll all miss this tiny girl but are so grateful we could give her a life that truly brought her happiness. After all, we all wish that for those we love whether canine or human.

Herd on Betsie….


Betsie's story:

RESIDENT BETSIE is now 14, one of our old-timers, but don’t tell her that! She arrived into Rescue in 2016 at 10 years old. She is a herding maniac, always ready to grace us with the perfect outrun, circling around the other dogs, determined to move them with her intense focus! Of course, they are so used to this little 30 pound spitfire on their heels meaning no harm, they pay little mind… a perfect combination for all!

Betsie arrived in very rough shape at first with undiagnosed lyme disease, horrible allergies, and in dire need of dental extractions - she clearly had no vet care. Even in her condition, she had so much energy for a pack of dogs - she is having a blast in rescue, with no care in the world.

However, Betsie is extremely fearful with people. Her fear and detachment seems less from abuse and more from her history of living with a breeder/hoarder. Bestie dashes away from anything new or unexpected... a door opening suddenly, a new person talking, any slight change in routine and Betsie would flee to be as invisible as possible. Human touch was obviously not part of her life so asking this little one to accept another life change was unfair, so staying at Glen Highland was best. She's made incredible strides here, getting into a routine, loving being in a pack, and allowing... even enjoying a gentle chin scratch by a select few!