Goodbye Sweet Roze...

Long before the Senior Sanctuary existed, there was the “Founder’s Home” where Border Collies who had trouble in real life, just stayed with us without expectation or pressure to be anything other than themselves. They didn’t need to meet strangers…they didn’t need to be good citizens in the world… they just had to be content with acres of land and a big canine pack. This is what Roze received for 10 years, happily blossoming as she let her fears go, year after year.

Roze would have been 14 in July but on May 14th, her body failed her which we knew it would. She had an assortment of problems yet it was her unbelievable will to herd other dogs that made her push through all of them - severe hip dysplasia, neuro issues and nerve damage that weakened her mind/body connection- she just refused to give up. Every time we checked with her about letting us know the day the ‘game was over’, she said: “don’t count me out!” Even right before her last day, she pulled that useless backend with paws that knuckled and found her way circling her pals, determined to be that amazing Border Collie she had always been! However, her body took over, with a spiking fever and there was only one answer…let her go.

Roze had an abuse history of some kind that we saw instantly trying to adopt her into a new life so the decision for her to be living in a ‘cushion of love’ was made, giving her solace. She was the best addition to the pack and the funniest character just full of antics only herding dogs do…she made us laugh and then, now, made us cry from deep in our souls as she left the earth.

Herd on dear girl…one more tight circle around one more dog and one more ball toss…you can always do it and you always did…it’s a sad goodbye to dear Roze…a marvelous soul we cherished for ten years at Glen Highland.